Mr. Kargar Iranian carpet to America

Dr. Karegar speaks on return of Iranian carpet to America

Dr. Hamid Karegar has been appointed as Head of National Iranian Carpet Center and activities of this center have experienced positive developments. It seems that his young and creative spirit has affected performance of National Iranian Carpet Center. In these days that gate of global market is reopened for Iranian hand-woven carpet, we go to National Iranian Carpet Center to speak with Dr. Karegar on the center’s plans for exportation and passing exportation gates.

  • How do you assess conditions of exportation and development of exportation of hand-woven carpet in post-JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) period?

If we assume that our export income from hand-woven carpet during pre-JCPOA period has been 80 million dollars, I should say that hand-woven carpet industry suffered from sanctions in two aspects. On one hand, direct American sanctions against Iran since 2010 caused that we have lost biggest customers of out carpet as well as our exportation income. On the other hand, problems and consequences of sanctions, including recession, inflation, transportation problems, impossibility of money transfers, lack of exportation insurance and collectively increase in exportation risk have resulted in a considerable decrease in exportation income gained from sale of hand-woven carpet within the past five years. So, the first consignment of Iranian hand-woven carpet was shipped in January from Hanover port to Los Angeles and trade of carpet between Iran and U.S.A was resumed. Today, the most important thing is conditions of the market that we have not been engaged therein for 5 years and out Indian and Pakistani competitors could take advantage from this situation properly and now our successful presence in this market requires identification of market, new public and generational taste, situation of competitors in the market and applying modern marketing methods. Possibility of gaining previous export income during the current Georgian year is very low.

  • Considering the existing stagnation in production of hand-woven carpet, do you think that we will be able to meet demands of foreign customers?

Although, under current conditions and due to stagnation in market and economic problems, some carpet producers have stopped their activity in this area, we are able to produce a quantity exceeding global demand.

  • How presence of a young generation of carpet designers and weavers who are entered in this area with taking academic degrees from universities and technical & vocational centers affects status of this industry?

Hand-woven carpet industry required dynamism and presence of a new active generation that relies on academic education provides the basis for development of the industry and we hope to witness an increasing improvement of hand-woven carpet with academic knowledge of this group.

  • How do you assess presence of Iranian carpet in international exhibitions like DOMOTEX?

Presence in DOMOTEX is definitely useful for Iranian hand-woven carpet but we should not be limited to floor coverings exhibitions, because we believe that Iranian carpet may acquire its place in fashion and decoration designing industries through presence in exhibitions held in the areas of luxury and precious goods, furniture and handcraft and also may be improved proportionate to global demand.

  • Does National Iranian Carpet Center intend a special plan for the next DOMOTEX which will be hold in Shanghai?

During recent years, National Iranian Carpet Center has encouraged carpet manufacturers and exporters for a wider presence in Chinese market. Due to sanctions imposed by USA and losing its huge market, we turned to emerging markets. Improvement of economic conditions of China and expansion of the middle class in this country directed National Iranian Carpet Center to the China as a new market and fortunately we have had a successful performance. During recent tears, the center has played its role as the biggest supporter of producers and exporters of this market. Specially, the center has supported Shiming Exhibition Shanghai province and Iran’s Carpet Pavilion has attended in this exhibition every year. We had a successful presence in Shiming in summer and we will have a special presence in the incoming exhibition, taking into account out negotiations with the exhibition’s conductors. But, the National Iranian Carpet Center will have no pavilion in Shanghai Exhibition which will be held in the next months and the manufacturers shall attend independently.

  • Does National Iranian Carpet Center intend a definite plan for improvement of presence in International Exhibition?

Compilation of instruction on protection from foreign exhibitions is pending and the instruction organizes quality and level of exhibition. According to this instruction, the required subsidy will be granted to participants in full for presence in some exhibitions, but the subsidy for stall making and advertising may be granted to some other participant. Also, in some cases the participant shall only receive indirect exportation incentives.

  • When the letter of instruction will be executed?

We hope to execute and finalize it till end of the current year.        

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