Top Fabric Dyeing Machine Manufacturers in the World

Top Fabric Dyeing Machine Manufacturers in the World

A fabric dyeing machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the textile industry to apply color to fabrics. The process of fabric dyeing involves immersing the fabric in a dye solution or applying dye to the fabric’s surface to achieve the desired color. Fabric dyeing machines automate and streamline this process, making it more efficient and consistent.

Revolutionizing Dyeing and Finishing Machinery: A Focus on Sustainability

Recent years have witnessed a remarkable transformation in dyeing and finishing machines. With a growing emphasis on sustainability within the manufacturing industry, machine companies have made significant strides in optimizing energy and water consumption, sparking fierce competition among manufacturers. This race for efficiency takes on particular significance in the Middle East and Africa, regions grappling with water scarcity issues.

Italian companies have carved out a global reputation as leaders in the production of dyeing and fabric-finishing machines, followed closely by Turkish, Indian, and Chinese counterparts, each boasting substantial market shares.

Turkey, in particular, has made substantial investments in these machines in recent years, capitalizing on its robust fabric production sector. As a result, Turkey has cultivated a thriving domestic market for machine manufacturers and now stands proudly among the top ten producers and exporters of textile machinery worldwide.fabric dyeing machine

There are different types of fabric dyeing machines, each designed for specific purposes and fabric types. Some common types of fabric dyeing machines include:

  1. Batch Dyeing Machines:

    These machines are used for dyeing small to medium-sized batches of fabric. They operate by immersing the fabric in a dye bath and agitating it to ensure uniform color distribution. Batch dyeing machines are versatile and can be used for various fabric types, including natural fibers like cotton and synthetic fibers like polyester.

  2. Continuous Dyeing Machines:

    Continuous dyeing machines are designed for dyeing large quantities of fabric in a continuous process. The fabric is passed through a series of dye baths, rinse baths, and drying chambers, ensuring a consistent and even color application. These machines are often used in high-volume textile production.

  3. Jigger Dyeing Machines:

    Jigger dyeing machines are suitable for dyeing woven fabrics. The fabric is wound onto a roller, which is then submerged in a dye bath. The roller is rotated to ensure uniform dye penetration. Jigger machines are known for producing uniform dyeing results and are commonly used for dyeing denim.

  4. Jet Dyeing Machines:

    Jet dyeing machines use a high-velocity jet of dye solution to force the dye into the fabric. This method allows for rapid dye penetration and shorter dyeing times. Jet dyeing machines are often used for synthetic fabrics and are energy-efficient compared to traditional dyeing methods.

  5. Hank Dyeing Machines:

    Hank dyeing machines are used for dyeing yarn or hank-sized bundles of fabric. The hanks are suspended in a dye bath, allowing for even color absorption. These machines are commonly used in the dyeing of wool and other specialty yarns.

  6. Package Dyeing Machines:

    These machines are used for dyeing yarn wound onto cones or cylindrical packages. The packages are loaded onto holders that rotate within the dye bath, ensuring consistent dyeing.

fabric in different colors

Dyeing machine manufacturers play a pivotal role in the textile industry by producing advanced machinery that facilitates the process of dyeing fabrics. These manufacturers combine cutting-edge technology with engineering expertise to create machines that ensure efficient and precise dye application. The major players in the Fabric Dyeing Machine market are:

1- Loris Bellini

Loris Bellini logo


Loris Bellini was founded in 1949 with the main scope of designing, manufacturing and selling very high-quality yarn dyeing and drying machines destined to be installed in yarn dyehouses around the world.

Modern fabric dyeing machines often come equipped with computerized controls to monitor and adjust various dyeing parameters such as temperature, dye concentration, and processing time. This automation helps achieve precise and repeatable dyeing results.

Fabric dyeing machines play a crucial role in the textile industry, as they enable manufacturers to produce a wide range of colorful fabrics efficiently and with consistent quality.

2- Thies: 

Thies logo


Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0049 2541 733-0

After the death of Bernhard Thies in 1922, his four sons took over the business.
Initially, they sold yarn dyeing machines on the domestic market, but the foundation stone was laid for expansion into the export business as early as in 1926. Success was not long in coming: today, over 90 percent of the company’s products are exported. Construction of the first pressure vessel in 1929 made high-temperature dyeing possible and set new standards for the entire industry.

3- SCLAVOS:https:


sclavos logo

Email: [email protected]

SCLAVOS History, starts in 1948, when the company was established in Athens Greece by two genius partners, Spyros Sclavos and Evangelos Skepariotis. The main business of the company, at the start, was parts manufacturing and repair works for textile machinery.


ides logo

Email: [email protected]
Tel:+90 282 673 43 20

We have provided and continue to offer our services by establishing special production lines for many companies all over Turkey and in the Turkic Republics. We act by assuming all responsibility, from installation to warranty, repair to field services of automation and textile machinery.

Understanding the changing needs of our customers is important to us. In order to meet these changing needs, we develop innovative marketing, engineering and customer service strategies and put high customer satisfaction in every step of our activities. We are also committed to providing the most accurate solutions at the most economical costs for each of our customers.


tong geng logo


Tong Geng Enterprise Co., Ltd. specializes in design and manufacturing of dyeing equipment for yarn dyeing and fabric dyeing. With over 30 years of solid experience, Tong Geng is one of the leading and most skilled suppliers in the world. their aims are to design and manufacture top-quality, advanced and efficient textile machinery, and continuously research & develop innovative products, and comprehensive customer services worldwide.

6- Brazzoli S.r.l.: 

Brazzoli S.r.l. logo

Email: [email protected]
Tel:+39 02 9901921

With 50 years of specific experience in the textile sector, the BRAZZOLI Company is globally recognized as the leading manufacturer of dyeing machines, with high technological content, for the treatment of fabrics in rope form.

At the company headquarters, located near Milan, the commercial, research and development, together with the post-sales and technical assistance departments are located as well as the productive unit. In addition, there are various established agency organizations in the world that are specifically trained on the BRAZZOLI products.

A constant synergistic relation with the users allows the BRAZZOLI Company to introduce extremely innovative applications on its own products.

Today the BRAZZOLI Company in the respect of its tradition, and by concentrating its efforts in the research and development activity, is reaching inimitable results in the optimisation of the industrial process of discontinue dyeing, by rendering the proposed products a technological reference for any textile company willing to win the world market challenge.


capto logo

Email: [email protected]
Tel:+91 261 3248077

CAPTO Engineering Co. provides a range of engineering solutions to the textile chemical and environment sectors. Capto is engaged in manufacturing machinery for different disciplines like Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Textile, Polymer and Environment. Capto Engineering initiated with the production house in the year of 1968 having its head office in Surat, Gujarat, India. The company has two units of manufacturing. One unit spread in 5000 sq. Meter and the other in 2500 sq. meter with a wide range of latest machinery for quality products.


Email: [email protected]


COSMOTEX is a Spanish company specializing in manufacturing and marketing textile finishing and cutting room machinery. It was founded in 1991 but with a tradition in the textile industry since 1963. this factory is located 100km from Barcelona, in Cornella del Terri (Catalunya) Spain. they have a sales subsidiary in Blumenau (Brazil) from 1998, and sales offices in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Xina, Russia, Bangladesh, and an extensive network of commercial distributors worldwide.

9- Gargocorporation:

gargo logo

Email: [email protected]/[email protected]
Tel:+91 99250-47089/+91 98980-11640

Established in the year 1992, the “Gargo Corporation” is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of textile dyeing machinery like Yarn Cone Dyeing Machines, Sample/ Pilot Cone dyeing machines, Hanks Dyeing Machine, Winch Dyeing Machine, Fabric Dyeing Machine, Spray Dyeing machines, Cabinet Dyeing Machine, Beam Dyeing Machine.

10- Chemtax Industrial Co:


Chemtax logo


Chemtax Industrial Co is an agent for quality textile machinery. Founded in Hong Kong in 1968, Chemtax now has over 100 employees and agents/partners in Hong Kong, China, and Southeast Asia.

11- LAIP:laip logo

Email: [email protected]

LAIP is a modern Italian company based in Prato, the heart of Europe’s textile industry, which has been manufacturing high technical and technological quality dyeing machinery for over 60 years now. Its extensive production range includes dyeing machines for fabrics, fibers, yarns, tops and tow, designed to guarantee high-performance levels along the entire dyeing process, with the utmost respect for the environment.



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