Berger Textiles Innovations at Printing United Expo 2023

Berger Textiles’ Innovations at Printing United Expo 2023

Berger Textiles, a renowned supplier of textiles for wide format digital printing, interior decor, and apparel, is set to showcase its comprehensive solutions portfolio for the U.S. market at the Printing United Expo 2023.

During the expo, the company will introduce two exciting additions to its lineup of high-performance, functional textiles designed for interior architectural applications:

Shift – This exceptional printable odor control textile is meticulously engineered to absorb and neutralize various odors, including kitchen and pet smells, as well as cigarette smoke. Additionally, it effectively captures and neutralizes formaldehyde. Shift, with its 250gsm and 470µ polyester construction, is versatile and suitable for use in display frame systems, banners, and interior panels. It offers customization options through direct or dye sublimation printing, making it a perfect choice for corporate, hospitality, and residential interiors.

Moon – A heavy yet soft grey-back polyester textile that combines great opacity with excellent image quality and resolution. Weighing 330gsm, this fabric’s appealing aesthetics, elasticity, and compatibility with both direct and transfer sublimation printing make it ideal for a wide range of applications. These include frame systems, lightboxes, backdrops, silicone edge graphics, wall coverings, and pop-ups.

In addition to these product launches, Berger Textiles will introduce a new web app to showcase its complete U.S. product portfolio, including the acclaimed Lumina and leading Samba ranges.

The web app features a user-friendly interface that presents the company’s entire range of soft signage, home, and fashion textiles in a simple and visually appealing manner. Customers can easily access detailed product information and request quotes or samples through a convenient contact form.

The app also provides access to a wealth of content and contacts for Berger Textiles regional sales teams. With strategically located logistics centers in Las Vegas, NV, and Louisville, KY, the company can ensure rapid product distribution across the U.S., with delivery times as short as 24-48 hours after placing an order.

Ralph Terramagra, North America Sales Director of Berger Textiles, expressed enthusiasm about the expo, saying, “We’re thrilled to present our complete U.S. product range at this year’s Printing United Expo. As a longstanding provider of textile solutions with a global presence, we offer U.S. customers international insights into products, applications, and growth opportunities while also understanding the unique market demands. Our diverse range of functional architectural products provides elegant solutions for noise and odor issues, seamlessly integrating into various interior settings.

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