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SANKO TOWEL Empowers Production with Zimmer Austria’s Digital Printing Solutions

Kohan Textile Journal: Sanko Towel is one of the largest towel and bathrobe manufacturers in the world. Fully integrated facility with weaving, dyeing, digital printing, and cut and sew departments. Sanko Towel’s annual Production capacity is 5500 tons.

The company recently added two Zimmer Austria towel digital printing lines named COLARIS to the factory to achieve a wide range of colors and designs to maintain leadership in the international home textile export market.

Ozge Yuksel, Marketing Supervisor at Sanko Towels, shares insights on the Impact of this new investment and said: “It was an incredible journey with Zimmer Austria to digital printing. Producing the towel with such amazing colors and shade variations is very exciting. Our experience during the installation of Zimmer Digital Printing Machines with the Zimmer Austria Team was great. The team is very helpful, polite, and hardworking of course.”

she added: “We preferred the Zimmer Austria Digital Printing Machine. Because we want so much wider color range for our precious customers. It has no competitors, digital printing is a new era! We knew they had so much success on digital printing areas. Pioneering innovations for more than 150 years gave us deep trust. Their professional approach to issues and quick action were the aspects that pleased us the most. We know the success stories come with the quality. The other parts of the digital printing plant are also Zimmer Austria’s advice. The integration of the other components was perfect.”

Serdar Erpamukcu, General Manager at Sanko Towels said: “Sanko Holding was founded in 1904 by Sani Konukoğlu. Sanko Holding provides service in twelve different sectors with around 14000 employees. Some of these sectors are textiles, energy, construction, packaging, agricultural & construction machinery, shopping centers, IT, and social services. Sanko has experience in textile for 100 years. Sanko Textile has a 500.000 spindle production capacity. It is one of the largest yarn manufacturers in the world and the largest in Türkiye. We are offering our own special designs and qualities to the end consumer with our Egeria and Maisonette brands.”

He added: “The home textile sector in Türkiye stands out with its diverse product range and high-quality production. It holds a competitive position in both domestic and international markets with significant potential for continuous growth.”

Ozge Yuksel, Marketing Supervisor at Sanko Towels about the future of the textile industry in Gaziantep after the earthquake said: “As Sanko Holding, we are doing our best in order to relieve the pain in the region by using our every means available as of first day. We rush to all calls for aid, and we show a ceaseless effort to help in the region affected by the earthquake. Gaziantep has a strong industry, we had difficulties but with strategic planning and support, Gaziantep’s textile sector has the potential to continue contributing to the economy of the region by using its established expertise and resources.”

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Mr. Andreas Rass Managing Director of Zimmer Austria Digital Printing Systems said: “We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Sanko Towel, one of the world’s largest and most reputable towel manufacturers, in the digital printing sector, coinciding with Zimmer’s remarkable 150th anniversary. This partnership not only exemplifies the robust capabilities of Zimmer’s machinery but also reflects the trust our customers place in Zimmer’s exceptional quality and service. Turkey is one of the most important markets for the production of home textiles and all kinds of towels, which has a wide range of exports to all parts of the world. We are always ready for sincere and close cooperation with our business partners in Turkey and all over the world. Digital printing can create many changes in the textile industry and competition in export markets.”

Zimmer Austria: “First in Quality” and “First in Service”

With production sites in Klagenfurt and Kufstein, ZIMMER AUSTRIA is a worldwide leader among the producers of machines for textile and carpet finishing (digital printing systems, flat screen and rotary screen printing, coating systems, steaming, washing, drying).

Thanks to a strong and well-developed network of representatives and cooperation with independent sales and service teams in various countries, ZIMMER AUSTRIA can reach the most distant markets and deliver to almost any place in the world.

True to the motto First in Quality, First in Service, ZIMMER AUSTRIA is celebrating its 150th anniversary with groundbreaking innovations. Revolutionary developments such as the first duplex flatbed printer, the first rotary screen printer, the first carpet flatbed printer, the first digital printer and other innovations from ZIMMER AUSTRIA have transformed the carpet and textile industry from its beginnings in the 19th Century till date.


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