Belchior Promises to Bring the Reception of His Pieces to DECORAEXPO 2024

Belchior Promises to Bring the Reception of His Pieces to DECORAEXPO 2024

Since 1995 Belchior has been established in the decorations market, has consolidated its business in the Brazilian market, breaking territorial limits, strengthening its brand also abroad.

Our products go beyond simple decorating, we sell beauty and comfort, beautiful curtains that leave more refined and sophisticated environments that are complemented with curtain rods and accessories that harmonize the composition, have a bold and functional design, with surprising finishes, presenting a responsible appeal, as they are manufactured from recycled plastics, demonstrating that it is possible to create products that beautify without harming the environment. Our pillows, paintings, table and bed set follow the lines of today’s decoration to compose a complete environment.

Our commitment is to keep up with trends, develop and manufacture products in the global decoration market, guaranteeing customers the best service, fair price, quality and respect for relationships with stakeholders.

  •  Pioneering in new technologies;
  •  Training of its professionals;
  •  Social and Environmental Responsibility;
  •  Ethics;
  •  Sustainability;
  •  People’s well-being.

They are one of our values.

In decoration, everything transports us to a feeling. Colors have the power to transform our mood, textures make us feel welcomed. The finishes, full of small and special details, change everything for the better.

What about formats? So diverse and so versatile that they can, in a surprising way, translate who we are and that gives us the comfort we need. Decoration is much more than the whimsy of the ornament, it is the extension of our own personality translated into the spaces we choose to occupy.

That’s why, when we carefully plan each of our products, we want our customers to feel like they’re choosing what makes them feel embraced. Everything is made with quality, beauty and love, which is why we will take the new collection to DECORA EXPO 2024.

Be sure to visit us between the 21st and 24th of May, at Fidam de Americana, in São Paulo.

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