VICUNHA TEXTIL ; launch of Autumn/Winter 2019/20 collection

In 2018, VICUNHA is celebrating 50 years of business! Operating across three continents in eight countries with half a century of market expertise, VICUNHA TEXTIL, with its rich heritage, is meanwhile a true global player in the international denim business. As one of the largest manufacturers of denim and knits, the Brazilian company produces more than 20 million metres of fabric per month. The numbers speak for themselves: net sales for the business year 2016 stood at 650 million US dollars.

Sustainability is in our DNA!

With two decades of experience in sustainability, VICUNHA emphasises the fact that sustainability is in their DNA. They are constantly working on new developments within the business to improve water and energy consumption, and most recently with a focus on the use of chemicals that use less water and create less effluent as a result.


The most significant advances are embodied in the ECO RECYCLE range, which is continuing to grow and is an example of the circular economy concept. This range uses

recycled yarn that is processed in house and can replace up to 30% of the overall fibre content of the fabric. This means that VICUNHA can 100% guarantee the recycled yarn content. It also keeps costs to a minimum and ensures that there is no impact on the company’s carbon footprint as the yarn doesn’t have to be imported. The fabrics are created using state-of-the-art technology in both the dyeing and finishing processes, with water and chemicals being reclaimed, separated and re-used wherever possible.


The increased range of PERFECT FIT articles focuses on high-performance stretch that is perfect for today’s lifestyle. With their HRS (high technology recovery system), these products promise extended performance and wear. Luxurious soft fabrics support the sustainable message of extended wearability, which in turn means less washing. The high stretch element of VICUNHA’s products offer more performance, with a HRS (high technology recovery system) allowing extended wear and great recovery. The result is always a superb fit and the ultimate comfort.


The ESSENTIAL range has been given a fresher vintage update with heavier weights and an emphasis on a more masculine, characterful texture. VICUNHA is also highlighting the vintage aspects of its ESSENTIAL line of products and the importance of these fabrics for a retro-styled, looser fit and more voluminous styles.

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