30th fashion ZAKKA design competition announced

30th fashion ZAKKA design competition announced

Taito City in Tokyo is also known as one of the renowned production areas of fashion goods such as leather goods and hats. Every year ZAKKA design competition is arranged by the Taito-city government to collect designs for fashion items.

In ZAKKA design competition prominent guest judges who are on the front line of the fashion industry and fashion goods manufacturers will review over 2,500 entries and select outstanding design illustrations.

This year the competition entries will be accepted between 1 September to 30 September.

One of the winners gets a chance to turn his/her work into a commercial product manufactured by craftsmen in Taito City, in addition to the prize money.

30th Fashion ZAKKA Design Competition entry guidelines

Award Categories

  1. Shoes
  2. Bags
  3. Belts and suspenders
  4. Small leather items
  5. Hats

According to the entry guidelines, entries to the Leather Division must include some leather in their design and all categories are open to designs for men or women.

Anyone interested in the design of ZAKKA (fashion goods) – both professional and amateur designers can enter. To enter applicants must complete and submit the required sections on the entry form found on the website of Taito Fashion ZAKKA Fair.

The winners will get awards prizes in five categories:

Grand Prize: One design from all categories – ¥300,000 and one product sample

First Prize: One design from each category – ¥50,000 and one product sample (The category from which the Grand Prize is selected will not award First Prize.)

Judge’s Prize: One design per guest judge from prize-winning designs – ¥30,000

Matsuya-Ginza Prize: Chosen from all categories by a Matsuya-Ginza buyer/ commercially productized and sold at Matsuya-Ginza, one of the most highly regarded department stores in Tokyo.

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