3 Asian countries top export destinations for Iranian nano products

Among the 41 countries buying Iranian nano products, three Asian countries, namely Iraq, Turkey, and Afghanistan, have the highest imports.

The expansion of export programs by the Nanotechnology Innovation Council in recent years has led to the entry of Iranian goods, equipment, and services to global markets.

However, in recent years, due to currency fluctuations and export barriers related to sanctions, Iran’s exports of nano-products to other countries have decreased.

Some 41 countries are purchasers of Iranian-made nano-products, and among various industrial sectors, the largest share of exports (about 48%) is related to the construction sector, worth $6.10 million.

Optoelectronics with 23 percent, medicine, health, polymer, and composite with 7 percent, and textile with 6.5 percent have the highest share of export, respectively.

According to the Nanotechnology Innovation Council, the three countries of Iraq, Turkey, and Afghanistan are the most important export destinations for Iranian nano products.

Iran has created centers in six Asian countries for exporting nanotechnology products, including China, India, Indonesia, Syria, Turkey, and Iraq.

Nanotechnology’s trend of development is growing in Iran, as the number of nanoproducts and equipment developed in the previous [Iranian calendar] year (March 20) increased to 750, compared with 647 a year before.

Some 223 product manufacturing companies and 59 equipment manufacturing companies are active in the field of nanotechnology and by the end of last year, which developed a total of 750 products and equipment.

Iran among five pioneers of nanotechnology

Iran has been introduced as the 4th leading country in the world in the field of nanotechnology, publishing 11,546 scientific articles in 2020.

The country held a 6 percent share of the world’s total nanotechnology articles, according to StatNano’s monthly evaluation accomplished in WoS databases.

Iran ranked 43rd among the 100 most vibrant clusters of science and technology (S&T) worldwide for the third consecutive year, according to the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2020 report.

The country experienced a three-level improvement compared to 2019.

Sourena Sattari, vice president for science and technology, has said that Iran is playing the leading role in the region in the fields of fintech, ICT, stem cell, aerospace, and is unrivaled in artificial intelligence.

Iranian nanotechnology companies have increased sales by 100 percent over the Iranian calendar year 1398 (March 2019-March 2020), and it is predicted that their revenue will reach up to 80 trillion rials (nearly $1.9 billion at the official rate of 42,000 rials), Sattari announced.

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