Exploring Innovation and Adaptation: A Conversation with Thomas Kloebl from Zimmer Austria

Welcome to Kohan Textile Journal’s exclusive interview with Thomas Kloebl, Sales Director of the Flooring Division at ZIMMER AUSTRIA | Digital Printing Systems. Today, we have the opportunity to delve into Zimmer’s recent participation in Domotex Hannover 2024 and explore the innovations showcased at this renowned event.

Thomas Kloebl brings a wealth of experience and insight to our discussion, providing valuable perspectives on Zimmer’s strategic approach to exhibitions and the cutting-edge advancements in digital printing technology presented at Domotex. With a focus on fostering industry connections and driving innovation, Zimmer continues to shape the future of carpet and flooring printing solutions.

Join us as we explore Zimmer’s involvement in Domotex, the latest innovations unveiled, and the broader significance of exhibitions like Domotex within the global carpet and flooring sector.

Zimmer's Domotex Hannover 2024: A Strategic Assessment
Thomas Kloebl, ZIMMER AUSTRIA -Digital Printing Systems, Sales Director – Flooring Division

How would you assess Zimmer’s involvement in Domotex Hannover 2024?

In light of recent changes in customer participation and the resounding success of the CFE exhibition in Istanbul last December 2023, we made a strategic decision to scale down our booth size compared to previous years. Despite this adjustment, our entire carpet team was present, as we recognize the value of such events in fostering connections with fellow industry suppliers and engaging in meaningful networking opportunities.

As we reflect on our exhibition strategy, we are currently evaluating the possibility of participating in future events, with a tentative plan to opt for a smaller informational booth, especially if we decide to exhibit in 2025. This thoughtful approach allows us to adapt to evolving dynamics while ensuring that we maintain a meaningful presence within the industry landscape.

Could you kindly elaborate on the recent innovations and machinery showcased by Zimmer at Domotex?

Our primary focus revolves around showcasing the capabilities of our cutting-edge COLARIS-96 FULL-WIDTH CARPET PRINTER, complete with comprehensive line layouts tailored for various types of carpet fibres. During our engagements with customers, we delved into the intricacies of our back coating lines as well.

In our commitment to driving innovation within the industry, we are diligently working on several groundbreaking advancements. These include pioneering printing techniques for:
Rugs and mats crafted from polyester

  • Tufted contract and hospitality carpets
  • Woven carpets made from PES with both front and backside printing capabilities
  • Needlefelt and nonwoven products
  • Carpet tiles composed of PA
  • Customizable individual mats crafted from PA or PES
  • Specialized laundry mats designed using PA

These endeavors underscore our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in carpet printing, catering to a diverse range of materials and applications.

How do you assess the significance and impact of the Domotex exhibition, considering it is the largest platform for the carpet and flooring sector worldwide?

Undoubtedly, Domotex has stood out as a significant platform over the years. However, it’s evident that the number of exhibitors has witnessed a decline due to various factors. Com-pounded by the shifting locales of major carpet manufacturers, it has become imperative for the industry to acknowledge this evolution and explore new frontiers.

Consequently, there is a compelling need to embrace change by considering alternative locations, potentially moving eastward, to ensure the continued success of such exhibitions in the future. Adapting to these shifts will not only invigorate the industry but also open up exciting possibilities for growth and collaboration in different geographical contexts.

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