ZIMMER AUSTRIA: Where Innovation Meets Efficiency at ITM 2024

ZIMMER AUSTRIA, a global leader in textile printing, coating, and finishing technology, is gearing up for its participation in the prestigious ITM 2024 exhibition taking place from June 4th to 8th in Istanbul, Turkey. This press release highlights the company’s commitment to innovation and showcases the exciting advancements visitors can expect to see at their booth.

Driving Sustainable and Efficient Solutions

ZIMMER AUSTRIA has built a reputation for excellence, synonymous with quality and reliability in the global textile market. Their advanced production facilities in Austria utilize cutting-edge technology to develop innovative solutions for a diverse range of applications. From screen and digital printing to coating and finishing, their comprehensive product portfolio caters to the needs of floor coverings, technical textiles, home textiles, and the fashion industry, ensuring environmentally sustainable and economically efficient practices.

A Glimpse into the Future at ITM 2024

The ITM exhibition offers a premier platform for ZIMMER AUSTRIA to showcase their latest innovations. Visitors to their booth (404C, Hall 4) can expect a dynamic and informative experience:

COLARIS Digital Printing Revolution: Witness the unveiling of ZIMMER AUSTRIA’s newest advancements in digital printing machinery. Designed for a range of applications – from carpets and wall coverings to technical textiles and artificial leather – the COLARIS system promises unmatched versatility and performance.

Interactive Machine Exhibits: Experience ZIMMER AUSTRIA’s technology firsthand. An up-to-scale model of the ROTASCREEN rotary screen printing line with a duplex printing system will be on display, alongside a comprehensive coating and finishing line and a multipurpose MAGNOROLL coating machine.

Expert Consultations: A team of highly qualified experts will be available throughout the event to discuss how ZIMMER AUSTRIA’s solutions can be tailored to address specific production challenges, optimize efficiency, and reduce operational costs.

COLARIS: A Beacon of Innovation

The COLARIS system boasts several revolutionary features:

Digital IR-Reflectance Control: This crucial technology allows for precise control over infrared reflection parameters for each color within a design, ensuring consistent camouflage effectiveness throughout varying light conditions.
Randomized Pattern Generation: Automating the creation of evolving camouflage patterns, COLARIS mimics natural environments with remarkable accuracy, significantly enhancing stealth capabilities.
ROTASCREEN and MAGNOROLL: Expanding the Camouflage Advantage

For high-volume production of camouflage patterns across a diverse range of military textiles, the ROTASCREEN system is unparalleled. Furthermore, the MAGNOROLL system seamlessly complements both screen and digital printing by offering advanced coating and finishing techniques. These techniques enhance the functional properties of military textiles, introducing waterproofing, UV protection, thermal shielding, and flame retardancy.


ZIMMER AUSTRIA stands out with a commitment to several key principles:

Unwavering Innovation and Quality: The company’s dedication to continuous innovation, coupled with the precision of Austrian engineering, translates into durable and technologically advanced machinery.

Customized Solutions: They prioritize a client-centric approach, offering customized solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing operational systems.

Sustainability at the Forefront: ZIMMER AUSTRIA develops solutions with long-term viability in mind. Their systems prioritize sustainability and cost-efficiency, addressing the demands of not only today’s market, but also those of tomorrow.
Leading the Way in Military Textile Technology

ZIMMER AUSTRIA is a pioneer in the specialized field of military textiles. Recognizing the ever-evolving nature of military operations and the critical need for advanced camouflage solutions, the company offers the COLARIS Digital Inkjet Printing System – a game-changer in stealth camouflage technology. This system enables the production of large-scale, seamless camouflage patterns that are crucial for effective concealment in diverse environments.

ZIMMER AUSTRIA: Your Partner in Textile Innovation

As the textile industry continues to evolve, ZIMMER AUSTRIA remains a leading force, offering innovative solutions that meet the ever-increasing demands of the modern world. Whether it’s empowering civilian textile manufacturers with enhanced production capabilities or developing advanced camouflage technology for military applications, ZIMMER AUSTRIA stands as your premier partner in textile innovation.




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