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Zimbabwe’s knitwear firm ventures into Zambia

Navidale Textiles, a knitwear firm from Zimbabwe, plans to capture the market of Zambia.

In the recently concluded Zambia Agriculture and Commercial Show (ZACS), Navidale Textiles was one of the 24 firms from Zimbabawe that managed to capture the attention of many.

Following this, the firm believes that the event could prove to be a stepping stone to enter Zambia.


Feeling elated to be at ZACS, Shingai Gorejena, Sales and Marketing Consultant, Navidale, said “Customers are delighted to see our products and they think these are not from Zimbabwe but overseas.”

What is noteworthy is that the company found ZACS to be an ideal platform to not only know about Zambian market but also meet different types of corporates in the country.

Navidale is hopeful of partnering with wholesalers and distributors soon to establish a base in Zambia.

Gorejena added that despite shortage of foreign currency and electricity, the firm was doing very well in Zimbabawe.



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