The world's door to Turkish textile products opened from USA

The world’s door to Turkish textile products opened from USA

The Turkish textile industry participated in the LA Textile Show, held in Los Angeles, USA, the world’s largest market, on October 2-4.

LA Textile Show, which brings together textile industry professionals from around the world twice a year, was held in Los Angeles, USA on October 2-4. Uludağ Textile Exporters (UTİB) organized national participation and UTİB Event Stand organizations in the fair. 13 textile companies, Antik Dantel, Confetti Tekstil, Erez Dokuma Kumaş Tekstil, ETS Ezgi Tekstil, Grup Tekstil, İlay Tekstil, Kıvanç Tekstil, Lale Mefruşat, Marıtaş Denim, Monark Mensucat, Moripek Tekstil, Öztek Tekstil and including Pakipek Tekstil participated in the fair organized for manufacturers of clothing fabrics and accessories.


We Became a Wondered Company

UTİB Chairman Pınar Taşdelen Engin stated that they aim to raise awareness of Turkish textiles with the UTİB Event Stand held at LA Textile Show and said, “The Turkish textile sector has become a country that is constantly wondered about what it does and what it produces in the world markets with its technological innovations, production quality and fashion achieved as a result of the breakthroughs it has made in recent years. We saw this once again at the LA Textile Show. UTIB Stand, where we exhibited samples of our exhibitor companies, has become a popular destination for professional buyers from all over the world. They carefully examined and exchanged ideas on the latest trends in our sustainable textile products, which have become indispensable for the world.”


Our Marketshare Increases

Taşdelen Engin stated that Turkish textile and ready-to-wear sector had a share of 3.3 percent in the world market, 12.8 percent in the EU market and 1.5 percent in the US market and continued, “The world’s leading textile and apparel consumer In the US, we are working very hard to increase the share of Turkish textile and apparel industry exports like its increase 1.5 percent. According to the 2018 data, the US, which exports $ 18.7 billion despite the textile imports worth $ 13.2 billion, is the world’s second largest textile exporter and third largest importer. Turkey makes 357 million dollars in textile exports, it ranks 10th among the countries in which the USA imports the most textile products. The United States is taking place in Turkey’s biggest textile exports to the countries and taking place in five countries in the ranking.”


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