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World Wearing Turkish Socks

World Wearing Turkish Socks

Socks and bed clothes models produced by Turkish companies are the choice of children and parents of the world.

Turkey released a trade benefit from the production of 1.5 billion pairs of socks approximately $ 1 billion annually that have become the second largest hosiery supplier in the world market after China. European buyers, especially satisfied with the quality of Turkish socks, turned eyes to the Turkey in the bedding sector. 39.9 million dollar worth of underwear and bed clothes exported to Germany consisting of 19.2 million dollars to France and 19.1 million dollars to England.

Satisfies 10 Percent Of World Production

In the socks and bedding sector, babies and children are the main target groups. High standards of quality, creative designs, latest technologies to produce socks and nightwear model specifically preferred by the children and their parents put into place by the manufacturer firms in Turkey. While one in every six children globally wears Turkish socks, Turkey carries out about 10 percent of the world’s socks production alone.


Regarded as Attraction Center

With the export success achieved on Earth, organizations are achieved about the sector, manufacturers also have a say in world markets against foreign investors while continuing to support Turkey to become a center of attraction. International Istanbul Mom Babies Children Products Fair-CB scheduled on the 8-11 January 2020 in Turkey will provide an opportunity for the market expansion and economic growth to the industry’s major baby / children’s socks and the bed manufacturers.


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