Wollen Spinning and New Nonwoven airlay technology at IRANTEX 2017

Textile machinery and Lines manufacturer Cormatex will exhibit inside the Italian Pavillon Hall No.38B at lRANTEX 2017 held in Teheran, Iran on 4-7 September.

Cormatex already exhibit in year 2017 at Index-Geneve, Techtextil-Franfurt, Techtextil NA-Chicago, arising great interest and obtaining great success of visits.

Strong of a long tradition in textile, founded in 1938, Cormatex offers machinery and turn-key lines for the traditional sectors of Woollen Spinning, with unique fiber preparation machineries (wool deburring and dehairing lines), as well as for the more innovative Nonwoven sector, with Carding&CrossLapping as well as with Airlaying systems.

Deeping in its new airlaying technology – called “Lap Formair” – Cormatex can manufacture nonwoven products using virgin fibres, post-industrial and post-consumer waste materials.

This is available in 2 versions: Lap Formair V creates vertical orientation of the fibres, providing excellent resiliency, thermal and acoustic insulation properties; while Lap Formair H creates a horizontal stratification of the fibres, thus improving mechanical properties – tensile strenght, maintaining a gentle fibres handling. Special feature of Lap Formair H is the possibility of processing various types of powder, such as powder resins instead of low melting fibers.

The process works to increase the number of products manufactured from waste materials, reducing waste disposed of in landfills, in-turn providing economical advantages in terms of energy consumption and production costs.

The nonwoven fabrics produced by Lap Formair can be applied to a variety of sectors the company notes, including building construction, automotive, furniture, mattress production, clothing and footwear, leather goods, composites materials and geotextiles, thanks to their thermal and acoustic insulative properties and mechanical resistance.

Processed materials can include natural and synthetic fibres, as well as glass, carbon, basalt fibres, waste materials such as leather, garment and mattress waste, waste from tyre recycling and recycled paper and cardboard.

An airlay pilot line is available at Cormatex premises for research and development projects with customers.

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