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Successful trade fair appearance at the SINCE in Shanghai
Oerlikon Nonwoven at SINCE 2019

The Wind of Oerlikon in Shanghai

Oerlikon Nonwoven, the address of client based solutions, attended to the 18th Shanghai International Fair of Nonwoven in December 11-13.

Oerlikon Nonwoven impressed the visitors via its client-based solutions on hygiene, medical, filtrating and other technical solutions in a wide range of products that are developed via the years of experience.


“Various discussions showed that we are on the right path”

Oerlikon Nonwoven Director of Sales and Marketing Dr. Ingo Mählmann expressed as such “Various discussions showed that we are on the right path while further developing our strategy and technologies. The solutions developed regarding single-use fabrics and geotextiles impressed the visitors.”


World’s famous non-woven surface fabric producers, visited the stand for benefitting from the advantages of Spunbond, Meltblown and Airlaid technologies belonging to Oerlikon.

Oerlikon Barmag

Oerlikon, protects its place in the Spunbond technology

Oerlikon Nonwoven, keeps protecting its palce in the field of spunbond technology. The production process for geotextiles that are produced from polyester and polypropylene is optimized. The efficiency and productivity capacities that are obtained through low-energy consumption are characterized.

Oerlikon Nonwoven presents its new QRS (QualitySized Right) plant for the production of unwoven hygienic fabrics. The network building side of this plant is provided by Oerlikon’s Chinese partner and is fully integrated into the plant. Its benefit for the producers of unwoven fabrics is providing competitive solutions for relatively limited amounts of investment.

Oerlikon unveils new version of online service portal

Meltblown technology supports nonwoven

Besides producing the new, unique, sophisticated and high-quality filtering technology by the optimized meltblown technology, Oerlikon Nonwoven, produces “plug & play” loadings in existing plants and with other tehcnologies. The meltblown process of Oerlikon Nonwoven helps the nonwoven fabrics to prove its importance and leads the way for the developments regarding sustainability.


Higher Quality With the Airlaid Technology

The easy and high-quality production of low-weight airlaid fabrics, receives greater demand nowadays. Oerlikon Nonwoven, determines new standards through its shaping process that is secured by a patent that is obtained through the homogenous mixing of various raw materials while at the same time sustaining the accumulation of homogenous and compatible fiber by using various nonwoven fabrics. The advantages of this technology gains greater importance for the development of sustainable applications in the recycling sector. Oerlikon Nonwoven succeeded to establish two new airlad recycling plants this year.



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