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My first Picture that I personally made appearance on Instagram

Who Is Behind the Kordestani Collection Brand?

Interview with Ronak Kordestani Owner and founder of Kordestanicollection

By: Mena Carpet News

Rugs are an expensive item so people really like to see who is behind the brand and they like to connect and believe that sales person is real.


1. Please let us know more details about Kordestani rugs company, history and success story.

I started my business Kordestani collection in 2016. I was trained as an artist (painter) and a friend of mine that had this rug business suggested that I select rugs for them as I had a good eye and a particular taste. I started with a very small collection and started to sell them online on different platforms like Etsy and eBay.

It was very hard to get my first sales as the competition was so high but my persistence eventually worked and I started to sell more rugs. During that time, I started an Instagram page ​@kordestanicollection​ that got very popular and people started to notice me. I started staging rugs in different decors and People really liked it. Then my next step was to photograph myself in my pictures.

Ronak Kordestani Owner and founder of Kordestanicollection
Rug staging at my art Studio

Rugs are an expensive item so people really like to see who is behind the brand and they like to connect and believe that salesperson is real. Considering that this happens in the virtual world so we have to be as transparent as we can and till date I still show my rugs personally on my IG page. I think People should like you in order to make the purchase and I think my success was building that connection through that virtual world with people over the world.

2. Let us know about the range of products that you offer to customers at Kordestani Rugs.

I offer a variety of rugs in my shop from Persian to Turkish, Afghan and recently Morocco.
My main focus has always been Persian rugs. I personally think Persian rugs have become a Brand when it comes to rugs and most of my clients always have a demand for Persian rugs. But, as a store, I do not limit myself to only one style.

I like to cover each taste and each customer. I have a very eclectic taste and I never like to stick to one particular style. So you can never get bored with my shop, there is always something new for any taste!

3. ​ One of your best collections is vintage rugs collection, explain more about this collection. Why in recent years vintage carpets are trendy?

I have always liked Persian Tribal rugs as I find them very authentic and I focused more on this collection and noticed that clients really like these rugs especially vintage rugs. I think people in recent years are recognizing that rugs are not only items that cover your floors but also are cultural products and they have value and they will gain value over time.

Young generations are so considerate about climate change and they feel that buying a rug that can last for years and made from natural materials will help the planet. We all know that machine-made rugs are not recyclable and they simply end up in landfills. They might be cheap but soon they will end up somewhere in garbage cans. Vintage rugs are something that can be passed to the next generations and they have a story to tell and people love to have these conversational pieces at their homes.

4. How Coronavirus pandemic effect carpet retail market in the USA and North America?

At first when the pandemic started everyone panicked but when the stores were closed and people started To spend more time at home. The market started again slowly. But this time people started to buy their rugs on online platforms.

I think the online market has been growing since the start of pandemic and despite the pandemic People are still living and decorating their homes. So, there is always a demand. Also, I think people are getting used to Buy their products online more these days including rugs.

Ronak Kordestani Owner and founder of Kordestanicollection
Rug Presentation to clients

5. You are so busy recently working on your new picture book, let us know more details about this book.

Yes, I have been working on this picture book for about sometimes now and it’s almost ready to be published. This book is not a research book but documentation of all the rugs I curated and collected through a year and Shows a year in my life a rugs seller. The name of the book is called ​( THE RUG SELLER)​ and soon will be available on my site to purchase. Each rug was documented were older rugs that I thought would never be repeated and also the effort that I put into photographing these rugs. I wanted to have it as a collection that will never be forgotten.

6. COVID 19 shows us we should rely more on sustainability and green products, how we can improve sustainability in the carpet and flooring industry?

I think the carpet industry should seriously consider using organic materials that are long-lasting instead of artificial materials. They should empower small carpet weaving factories and handmade rug weavers. We should preserve these thousand-year-old traditions and we should not let the printed machine rugs take place in the market and replace handmade rugs.

They won’t have any value over time when you see the young generation that move towards a vintage rug you should know that fast fashion carpets won’t last forever.It’s the legacy of the handmade rugs that will last and the people who invest their heart and soul in making these products.




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