VICUNHA – Trend Spotting Autumn/Winter 2016/17 TALES

The South American specialist in denims and fabrics VICUNHA TEXTIL has clustered four macro trends for the upcoming Autumn/Winter 2016/2017 season: TALES, ALCHEMY, REVIVE and RECREATION. Transformation is at the heart of all approaches as the binding element and basis to develop themes; something new is created from existing concepts in each case. By means of copy-paste past references connect with each other for something special and unique to emerge. This concept is manifest in the reutilization of materials, in the inspiration drawn from vintage elements and in the influence of cultural streams. TALES depicts a new world full of fantasy inspired by travellers’ fables. ALCHEMY and REVIVE focus on recycling and regeneration of places and objects in interaction with the body and soul. RECREATION is an ode to human evolution that breaks archaic and traditional rules. In the realm of denim, individual trends are subjected to different aesthetics interpretations to infuse them with character and attitude.

TALES – Culture with borders

The emphasis here is on the impetus to conserve and uphold the culture of old nations with civilizations based on an oral tradition of passing beliefs from generation to generation.

Storytelling is more popular today than ever before. Stories well told can have a positive influence fostering cultural awareness, encouraging empathy among people and rousing creativity through fantasy. A tactile and visual experience which uses visual means to blend ethnic elements of different cultures. A crossover consisting of handicraft techniques with classy materials, sophisticated finishes and ornamental prints reflects the thematic essence.

Folk styles transform to emerge as elegant and luxurious aesthetics. An abundance of various surface effects and materials act as textile art work. Embroidery and meshwork are combined with furs, stones and ornamental accessories. All the pieces are made from fine materials with gleaming finishes, with a leather appeal or entirely metallic in a colour palette of a mix of neutral shades with earth tones.

Essential Shapes

Her – accentuated and narrow forms are combined to create extravagant and modern looks Classic forms like cut-off/cropped jackets, folk style inspired trench coats and ponchos are reinvented with a wide range of ornamental details. Wide legs and skinny jeans come with higher waists and complete the look with a glamorous, super feminine touch.

Him – The style is a mix of different trends. Jogger and bomber jackets figure in sportswear, military jackets, parkas and straight trouser legs are important in the tailored section. The useof embroidery and appliqué work highlights the ethnic element.

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