Unitech Texmech to display high quality spinning rings at ITMA 2019

Unitech Texmech to display high quality spinning rings at ITMA 2019

Unitech Texmech Pvt Ltd, India based market leader in Spinning rings, will be displaying its latest range of high quality spinning rings at ITMA 2019, world’s largest Textile Machinery Exhibition being held on 20th to 26th June in Barcelona.


Unitech rings are specially designed to spin yarn from any kind of fibers like cotton, polyester, acrylic, wool, flex, blends, etc.


The company’s wide range of offerings include UNIK1, UNI Ultima, UNI QC, UNISX, Steel Conical & Vertical Rings, ISQ Conical & Vertical Rings and Stainless Steel Rings. These rings cater to various needs of the industry and offer a lifetime of 3-8 years depending upon the count, speed, fibre characteristics and under normal working conditions.UNIK1, specialized surface treatment, gives it high fatigue strength for consistent performance from the time ring is placed on the ring frame. It features high resistance properties and is tougher than coated rings.


The company’s UNI QC Ring has the salient features of coated ring and is economically priced products. The rings go through a special hardening process using the latest thermo ‘SHOCK’ treatment, imparting a micro diffusion effect to the ring for best wear resistance and absolute surface and matrix properties. The UNI QC Ring is produced from 100Cr6 steel and are suitable for spinning yarns from all types of fibers.


The UNI ULITMA Ring feature a unique surface coating, making it suitable for machine running at high speeds, elite and compact spinning systems. Made from 100Cr6steel and additionally given a very hard and thin microfilm of atomic coating, ensures superior gliding and wear resisting properties at high speeds.


The company has also launched ISQ Series of Conical and Vertical Rings made from special type of alloy steel and have a fine grain micro structure matrix for even and uniform friction properties. These are subjected to a high technology process that enhances the wear resistance and provides smooth gliding movement of the traveler, resulting in consistent quality of yarn, very important in production of high value wool yarn.These conical rings are manufactured in all sizes and of all heights like 6.4mm, 9.1mm, 11.1mm, 17.4mm, and 25.4mm, while the vertical rings range from 6.4mm to 50.8mm in height.


Unitech Texmech have been in the business since 1985, and is exporting its technological innovations to countries like UK, Italy, Germany, USA, Hong Kong, Turkey, Mexico, Thailand, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Argentina, Peru, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Africa etc.

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