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Interview with Mr. Gerard Farre Escale, CEO at TVE ESCALE – Spain

KTJ: Please let us know about TVE ESCALE’s participation at ITMA Milano 2023. Do you have any new technology to exhibit at ITMA for the first time?

GFE: ITMA has us very excited this year because we will present the new version of HYDRA, our patented semi-continuous pre-treatment and washing machine. HYDRA combines vacuum, submerged suction, and counterflow washing techniques for the best results. Our new HYDRA model controls the fabric tension at speeds of up to 200 m/min. It also incorporates improved, user-friendly software and full machine connectivity.

On the other hand, we are going to exhibit innovations in the digitalization of our products. At TVE ESCALE, we have developed software in line with 4.0 technology, which allows our clients to monitor in real-time, collect data and improve processes to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.

KTJ: What is TVE ESCALE’s range of products and machinery in the textile industry in ITMA? Share with us the most important properties of TVE ESCALE machinery in ITMA.

GFE: TVE ESCALE designs and builds the entire range of machinery for wet finishing of open-width fabrics: pre-treatment, bleaching, dyeing, and washing. We manufacture both continuous and discontinuous lines (Jiggers).

In recent years, we have developed patented semi-continuous lines such as HYDRA and ORION, which give our customers greater flexibility and efficiency for pre-treatment, bleaching, and washing processes.

KTJ: Sustainability and recycling areimportant subjects for textile manufacturers all around the world, what is TVE ESCALE sustainability policy?

GFE: Since the beginning of TVE ESCALE, we have developed products and processes with the main objective of promoting efficiency and sustainability. Our purpose is to contribute to creating an industry that is more respectful of the environment. To achieve this, we apply vacuum and submerged suction technologies with proven savings in water, energy, and chemicals.

To manufacture our machinery, we prioritize sturdy construction usinghigh-quality and durable materials, which extend the lifespan of our products, enhance the return on investment, and minimize waste. All manufacturing is done locally, with components sourced from European suppliers.

Our commitment is reflected in the latest sustainability reports from major players in the market, such as Inditex, who recommends the use of our technology to its suppliers for greater water, energy, and chemical savings.

KTJ: Reducing production costs is a priority for all textile factories, how TVE ESCALE types of machinery can help manufacturers in this field?

GFE: Reducing production costs for our customers is also a priority for us. As we mentioned earlier, our entire product range is geared toward saving water, energy, and chemicals.

The new semi-continuous lines offer greater production adaptability to our customers, allowing for more efficient daily production adjustments. This results in lower fixed costs and increased process profitability.
Furthermore, the full automation of our machines ensures minimal resource consumption for carrying out finishing processes, providing our customers with optimal resource efficiency.

KTJ: How do you generally evaluate the Spanish textile machinery manufacturing sector? 

GFE: Spain has a rich tradition in the textile industry, which currently represents just over 2% of the country’s total GDP. Over the years, this has fostered the growth of a robust textile machinery industry that has successfully expanded into the global market due to the quality, competitiveness, and reliability of our products. Today, our machinery competes against major players worldwide.

hydra-tve escale machinery

KTJ: Digitalization is a great step to create a common language to achieve more productivity and simplicity. How does TVE ESCALE implement digitalization in textile machinery production? And why it is important?

GFE: As mentioned earlier, we have made significant advancements in Industry 4.0 technology. Thanks to connectivity, our machines can be monitored from anywhere in the world, allowing real-time data visualization and access from any device.

This also enhances our after-sales service, making it faster and more efficient, with 24/7 support, alarm system activation, and improvements in preventive machine maintenance. The development of this technology enables us to make continuous improvements as we gather machine data, visualize meaningful graphs, and customize them for each customer.

KTJ:  How do you predict the textile machinery export market after ITMA 2023?

GFE: Despite the global market’s recent instability, we have successfully adapted to our customer’s new demands with energy and resource-saving products. Following ITMA 2023, we anticipate continuing our growth momentum from the past years and expanding into key markets in our industry, such as Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and China.

The future is hard to predict, but we have witnessed substantial investment growth in the textile sector as it strives to meet market demands with more sustainable machines that offer greater flexibility while using fewer resources. Our HYDRA and ORION machines precisely meet these requirements and are poised to deliver the same level of production efficiency with reduced resource consumption on wet finishing processes.

orion-tve escale machinery

KTJ: You can mention if you have any local or international standards and certificates.

GFE: All our machinery is certified with the CE mark, which stands for Conformité Européene, a mandatory marking established by the European Union indicating that a product meets safety, health, and environmental protection requirements. Obtaining this certification involves the manufacturer conducting a conformity assessment of their product, ensuring compliance with established standards and technical requirements. This certification enables any product with the CE mark to circulate freely in the European market.

KTJ: At the end you can add any other information that interests readers in the EMEA region.

GFE: Undoubtedly, the EMEA region plays a pivotal role in the textile machinery sector due to the presence of major industry players with production centers in the region. Countries like Turkey, Egypt or Morocco boast a thriving textile industry with a great future.

Currently, we are focusing our efforts on expanding our market presence in this region with our tailored pre-treatment and washing solutions, HYDRA, and ORION. These products are renowned for their reliability, robustness, and resource-saving capabilities, making them ideal choices for textile businesses in the EMEA region.



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