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Top Medical Smart Textile Manufacturers

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The progress of science and technology in today’s world is incredibly fast that every day we come across new technologies and innovations, and science and technology have almost covered all aspects of our lives.

In fact, the goal of new innovations is to help us live more comfortably and with a higher standard, so that they can improve various aspects of our lives, one of the most important of which can be considered to be helping health and increasing the ability and performance of the human body.

The influence of science in all industries and sectors is very tangible in the last decade, and the textile and clothing industry is one of the best examples. The textile and Apparel industry is one of the industries that every human being is directly and constantly involved with and occupies an important part of our living expenses, time and energy.

Using superior technologies in the textile industry to improve health and quality of life is one of our most important achievements in recent years. Where we can take amazing steps in the textile and clothing industry thanks to technology.

The smart medical textile market is a large and rapidly growing market and is often produced in developed countries with advanced technologies.

European countries and the USA, which have moved the common textile and apparel industries to the East and Asia ( countries like India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Myanmar … ) for many years due to various reasons such as environmental pollution, low added value and high cost of energy and labour, have succeeded in the medical smart textile sector and achieve remarkable success with very high added value.

In this article, we try to introduce the most important companies active in the field of producing smart textile products that are mostly used in the medical and health sector.

If you are one of the producers of these products, you can contact our email at info@kohantextilejournal.com

  • Sensoria Inc
  • Vista Medical Ltd
  • Siren
  • Gentherm
  • Carre Technologies Inc
  • 3teks
  • Pireta
  • Camira Fabrics
  • Schoeller Switzerland
  • AiQ Smart Clothing

Sensoria Health Inc

Web site: www.sensoriahealth.com
Address: Ste 205, 15600 Redmond Way Redmond, WA 98052
Phone: (425)533-2928
Email: info(@)sensoriahealth.com

Our vision is The Garment is the Computer®. Headquartered in Redmond, WA, Sensoria Health is the leading developer of the Internet of Me (IoMe) smart garments and artificial intelligence software solutions that help improve people and patient’s lives.

Sensoria’s proprietary sensor-infused smart garments, Sensoria Core microelectronics and cloud system enable footwear and clothing products to convert data into actionable information for patients and clinicians remotely and in near real-time.



Vista Medical

Website: www.vista-medical.com
Email: ron(@)vista-medical.com
Tel: 1-800-822-3553

Vista Medical is the development and manufacturing heart of the PatienTech family of companies, which include:

Quality as our foundation
Vista Medical is an ISO 13485 certified, CE marked, FDA listed and registered and a Health Canada licensed manufacturer of medical devices.
All of our products sold by our family companies and partners around the world; medical, sports or consumer, are designed and built to these high-quality standards.

Technical Excellence
At Vista Medical we are responsible for:
1. Research, Development and manufacture of our unique Smart Fabric
2. Design of all electronic systems
3. Development of firmware to support electronic systems
4. Algorithms for our sense and respond Smart systems
5. API layers that makes integration of our smart systems easy for our partners
6. User interfaces for our own products in the market
We have a wide selection of electronic platforms and smart fabric designs that can be customized to match a wide range of unique market needs.



Web site: www.siren.care/
Address: 1256 Folsom St. San Francisco, CA 94103
Email: info(@)siren.care

Siren is a technology company founded in 2015 by Ran Ma, Henk Jan Scholten, and Jie Fu that has developed proprietary technology to embed microsensors into fabric, allowing for the mass production of affordable, washable smart textiles.

Siren’s products seamlessly integrate into their users’ everyday lives while providing real-time biofeedback to patients and their doctors. Siren’s first commercial product is an FDA-registered temperature monitoring sock for the early detection of inflammation that leads to diabetic foot ulcers, which costs the health system over $43 billion a year and leads to over 100,000 lower limb amputations annually in the United States.




Web site: www.gentherm.com/en/medical/home
Address: 12011 Mosteller Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45241-1528 USA
Tel: 513-772-8810
Email: medical(@)gentherm.com

We put the needs of people first.
At Gentherm we put the needs of people first. You’ll notice the difference in every aspect of our work, from our quality control production procedures straight through to the variety of products and services that we offer. You’ll be at an advantage when you work with us.



Carré Technologies Inc.

Address: 5800 St-Denis, suite 601, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
Tel: 1.888.887.2044
Email: info(@)carretechnologies.com
Web site: www.carretechnologies.com/

Our engineers and designers use state-of-the-art technology to deliver innovative and useful products.  Carré Technologies develops software and devices to monitor and record biosignals for real-time or delayed analysis.

We provide standard and custom algorithms for database mining, real-time analysis, compression and quality enhancement.




Web site: www.3teks.com.tr
Address: Çakmak Mah. Armağan Evler Sok. Samanyolu Cad. No:31/1 Ümraniye/İstanbul
Phone: +90 (216) 384 24 48
Email: info(@)3teks.com.tr


3teks Medikal Tekstil, which has set out with the principles of cleaning, rigor and follow-up, manufactures sterile disposable surgical gloves, gowns and sets, which are the requirements of modern medicine, and continuously develops and renews its product groups according to the needs of its customers.

To increase the quality of Turkey in the health sector with the West disposable products are widely used in the health sector to move to more advanced point standards and operations as / after infection risk to the a mission to minimize the 3teks Medical Textiles in Turkey Disposable Sterile & Non-Sterile promote the use of products to and as a vision of being a leader in its sector with an innovative and dynamic structure.

3Teks Medikal Tekstil, which produces in hygienic conditions at world standards without sacrificing quality and hygiene, has made customer-oriented work a principle.

3teks Medikal Tekstil, which makes special production for non-woven fabrics and medical use, is certified by AT Certification, an accredited organization that has established trust in the world. Our Certificates are EC Certificate (CE), Quailty Management System Document (ISO 13485:2016), TSE Product Document (TS EN 13795-1), Domestic Goods Certificate, COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate

At the request of our customers next to Ethylene Oxide sterilization in the sterilization of products using the Gamma sterilization techniques that are more sophisticated and effective than other sterilization methods 3teks Medical Textiles in this regard Turkey also intends to be a pioneer in the industry by signing a policy it has demonstrated once more.




Web site: www.pireta.co.uk/

Pireta has developed a unique additive process that adds conductivity to fabrics at any stage – from yarn through to completed garment. Pireta’s process ensures best-in-class conductivity with no impact on garment performance, drape or handle.

Wearable technology is now a significant market, with wearable sensors being woven into fabrics to measure physiological changes and track movement, distance and speed. Smart textiles have applications across a variety of sectors including military, emergency services and defence, healthcare, fashion, athletics and elite sports, and RFID tagging. Pireta’s technology was developed at National Physics Laboratory (NPL), a partner in the Rainbow Seed Fund.


Camira Fabrics

Web: www.camirafabrics.com/en
Email: info(@)camirafabrics.com

Made by Camira: We love making fabrics. We design and manufacture upholstery and panel textiles for every space and sector, from commercial and education, to healthcare and hospitality, to passenger transport including bus, coach and rail.

We make more than 8 million metres of fabric a year. Our team of innovators design and make some of the world’s most adventurous and environmentally sensitive fabrics.

Camira Fabric expertise covers wool spinning and polypropylene yarn manufacturing, yarn dyeing, weaving on dobby, jacquard and plush looms, technical knitting, textile finishing and upholstery services.



Schoeller Textil AG

Web site: www.schoeller-textiles.com/en/
Address: Schoeller Textil AG , Bahnhofstrasse 17 , 9475 Sevelen, Switzerland
Tel: +41 81 786 09 50

WHO WE ARE Schoeller Textil AG is a textile manufacturer with headquarters in Switzerland. The globally-operating company specializes in the sustainable development and production of innovative textiles and textile technologies, which are leaders in niche markets worldwide.

As a system supplier of solution-oriented products, Schoeller addresses specific customer requirements and supplies its customers and partners with tangible added value. The roots of the company go back as far as the year 1868.

Schoeller Textil AG is jointly owned by the Albers Group, Switzerland, and Formosa Taffeta, Taiwan. The operational team surrounding CEO Joachim Kath has extensive expertise in various areas of the textile industry.



A IQ Smart Clothing

Web: www.aiqsmartclothing.com
Tel: +886-2-25215155
Email: sales(@)aiqsmartclothing.com
Address: 8F, No. 426, Linsen N. Road, Taipei 10451, Taiwan

Making Clothes Smarter – a nanometer at a time

AiQ is regarded as a pioneer in the smart clothing industry. Starting as the Innovation Group within KingsMetal Fiber, a leader in stainless steel fiber-based woven fabric for speciality glass applications such as automotive glass.

Body Sensor Networks – the next frontier for semiconductors

The phenomenal growth in IoT ecosystem has brought out several hundreds of types of tiny low-power sensors that can sense a variety of status & activities fuelling the M2M and IOT industries. However, when it comes to sensing the human condition & activity in a non-invasive manner, there is still a long way to go in the development of appropriate technologies and regulatory frameworks.

AiQ is pioneering the effort to alter the status quo by fusing semiconductors with textiles to create a new generation of apparel and other textile form factors that are intelligent, connected to a network spanning PAN, LAN & WAN and either solve specific problems or enrich certain slices of life.

While some analysts and media tend to slot Smart Clothing as a part of Wearables industry, AiQ views Smart Clothing and e-Textiles as additional nodes in the IoT network. Not all Smart Clothing & e-textiles are wearables – examples will be smart mattresses that can be used for sleep monitoring or intelligent automobile upholstery.


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