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Top Five Companies Producing Curtains in Turkey

Curtains are available in a range of colors, fabrics, and lengths. You may dramatically change the appearance and functioning of a room by having curtains produced in the appropriate color, cut, and fabric.

When picking curtains, color and fabric are two key design factors to take into account, both of which have a big impact on how the window treatment will turn out. Although selecting a fabric may seem to be about form, it also affects function. Different textiles hang and fall differently.

To offer insulation, improved light control, or durability, most materials can be lined. Turkey is one of the pioneer countries in producing home textiles, including curtains. We will introduce some leading Turkish businesses that produce high-quality curtains in this essay.


With over 40 years of experience, TAÇ is Turkey’s leading brand in the home textile industry. From curtains to bed linen, bedspreads to towels, baby collections to other home textile products, TAÇ offers a wide variety of goods. The items’ cutting-edge features make the consumer’s life easier while also reflecting Turkish culture.

TAÇ was named Turkey’s Lovemark in the home textile category in Media Cat magazine’s 2017 most loved brand research. It was also named Turkey’s Super Brand in Superbrands, where Turkey’s super brands were determined in the same year. The company has 671 sales outlets and 118 stores in nearly 20 countries.
With the biggest and most integrated production facilities, TAÇ is able to compete with European brands.

The certificates provided by international organizations also acknowledge the production facilities’ high standards of quality. As a result of a commitment to quality, using the latest technology, and paying close attention to every detail during production, TAÇ maintains its leadership in the region and country.



Another well-known Turkish manufacturer, Brillant, produces a range of curtain and carpet collections using the most recent technology and the expertise of three generations. The company states that it wants to earn the trust of its clients by offering quick service, high-quality products, and safe working conditions for its staff.



Zorlu Tekstil established Linens in the year 2000. Since its founding, Linens has made buying home goods a delight with its classic home furnishings, curtains, and accessories. In the home textile sector, this brand stands out for its quality and variety of products. Linens offer a wide range of high-quality, contemporary, stylish, and trendy products from curtains to bed linen, bathroom sets to accessories, and baby collections to kitchenware.

The brand exceeds consumer expectations with its rich product variety, product and service quality, and professional merchandising approach. As part of Linens’ “Curtain Service from A to Z,” measurements are collected for all sorts of curtains following customer preferences, the appropriate model is sewn, and then the curtains are fixed on the windows. Products of the Linens brand are sold in 78 stores in 28 provinces in Turkey and 8 stores in 7 countries abroad.



In 1975, three brothers in Sultanhamam, Istanbul, founded Persan, a global leader in decorative fabrics, carrying on the family business of their father.

The business has stores and distributors in many significant cities throughout Turkey, connecting its customers with the newest trends in home textiles. Globally, Persan’s collections are also available through its international distributors.

Persan has been providing sewing, modeling, and installation services for curtains since the early 1980s, when it opened its first retail store in Ancirli, Bakırköy. Through the establishment of Harbiye and KZL TOPKARK stores, the company became the first brand in home textiles in Turkey to produce exclusive upholstery fabrics in the 1990s.

Currently, Persan is known for having Turkey’s widest range of curtains and home textiles with the latest and highest-quality options in the world market.


Akarsu Ali

Ali Akarsu developed the Akarsu Ali brand. The Akarsu Ali store in textiles has existed at the same location for 26 years, with a basis in branding that dates back to the 1990s. Thanks to its excellent sales and trade expertise and ongoing operation with the new generation, the brand has endured to the present.

As a representative of famous international and domestic curtain, upholstery, and wallpaper brands, it keeps up with the latest design trends. Through its innovative spirit and professionalism, it strives to offer its customers high-quality products above European standards, competitive prices, and fast delivery.



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