Top Companies Producing Curtains in Turkey

Turkey has experienced substantial growth in the production and export of curtain and upholstery fabrics, establishing itself as a key player in the global market. The country’s advanced manufacturing capabilities and rich textile heritage have contributed to its prominence in this sector. Offering a diverse range of high-quality fabrics, Turkey caters to both domestic and international demand, reinforcing its reputation as a reliable source for top-notch products.

Within Turkey’s textile and home furnishings industry, the curtain sector holds significant importance. With a longstanding history of textile production, curtains are a prominent product manufactured in the country. Turkish curtain manufacturers offer an extensive array of products, crafted from various materials such as cotton, silk, linen, polyester, and blends, and feature diverse styles, designs, and patterns to cater to a broad range of customer preferences.

The curtain industry in Turkey comprises both large-scale manufacturers and small to medium-sized enterprises. Many companies specialize in curtain production, while some also provide related products like blinds, drapes, and accessories.

Situated strategically between Europe and Asia, Turkey’s geographical location serves as an advantage for the curtain industry, facilitating trade and export opportunities. Turkish curtain manufacturers have successfully expanded their reach to various countries worldwide, including European nations, the Middle East, North America, and Africa.

The Turkish government plays a crucial role in supporting the growth of the curtain industry, implementing policies to encourage investment and promote exports. Financial incentives and support programs further enhance manufacturers’ competitiveness in international markets.

While facing competition from countries like China and India, which are major players in the global textile industry, Turkish curtain manufacturers distinguish themselves by offering superior product quality, competitive prices, and shorter lead times.

Overall, the curtain industry in Turkey continues to flourish due to its robust manufacturing capabilities, export-oriented focus, and government support. It contributes significantly to the country’s economy and generates ample employment opportunities within the textile sector.

Curtains are available in a range of colors, fabrics, and lengths. You may dramatically change the appearance and functioning of a room by having curtains produced in the appropriate color, cut, and fabric.

When picking curtains, color and fabric are two key design factors to take into account, both of which have a big impact on how the window treatment will turn out. Although selecting a fabric may seem to be about form, it also affects function. Different textiles hang and fall differently.

To offer insulation, improved light control, or durability, most materials can be lined. Turkey is one of the pioneer countries in producing home textiles, including curtains. This essay will introduce some leading Turkish businesses that produce high-quality curtains.

With over 40 years of experience, TAÇ is Turkey’s leading brand in the home textile industry. From curtains to bed linen, bedspreads to towels, baby collections to other home textile products, TAÇ offers a wide variety of goods. The items’ cutting-edge features make the consumer’s life easier while also reflecting Turkish culture.

TAÇ was named Turkey’s Lovemark in the home textile category in Media Cat magazine’s 2017 most loved brand research. It was also named Turkey’s Super Brand in Superbrands, where Turkey’s super brands were determined in the same year. The company has 671 sales outlets and 118 stores in nearly 20 countries.
With the biggest and most integrated production facilities, TAÇ is able to compete with European brands.

The certificates provided by international organizations also acknowledge the production facilities’ high standards of quality. As a result of a commitment to quality, using the latest technology, and paying close attention to every detail during production, TAÇ maintains its leadership in the region and country.


Another well-known Turkish manufacturer, Brillant, produces a range of curtain and carpet collections using the most recent technology and the expertise of three generations. The company states that it wants to earn the trust of its clients by offering quick service, high-quality products, and safe working conditions for its staff.


Zorlu Tekstil established Linens in the year 2000. Since its founding, Linens has made buying home goods a delight with its classic home furnishings, curtains, and accessories. In the home textile sector, this brand stands out for its quality and variety of products. Linens offer a wide range of high-quality, contemporary, stylish, and trendy products from curtains to bed linen, bathroom sets to accessories, and baby collections to kitchenware.

The brand exceeds consumer expectations with its rich product variety, product and service quality, and professional merchandising approach. As part of Linens’ “Curtain Service from A to Z,” measurements are collected for all sorts of curtains following customer preferences, the appropriate model is sewn, and then the curtains are fixed on the windows. Products of the Linens brand are sold in 78 stores in 28 provinces in Turkey and 8 stores in 7 countries abroad.


Founded in Turkey in the early 1980s, Persan draws attention with its wide range of products. In addition to wallpaper, the brand offers technical curtain solutions such as roller blinds, panels, motorized mechanisms, which follow the developing design trends.

The Persan brand aims to perfect the air of your home with its 45 years of quality and stylish designs. In addition, the Piculet brand, which the brand created in 2011, stands out with its different, young, urban and fun designs and a wide range of products consisting of pillows, tablecloths, shawls, carpets, personal products and bags.

Currently, Persan is known for having Turkey’s widest range of curtains and home textiles with the latest and highest-quality options in the world market.


Akarsu Ali
Ali Akarsu developed the Akarsu Ali brand. The Akarsu Ali store in textiles has existed at the same location for 26 years, with a basis in branding that dates back to the 1990s. Thanks to its excellent sales and trade expertise and ongoing operation with the new generation, the brand has endured to the present.

As a representative of famous international and domestic curtain, upholstery, and wallpaper brands, it keeps up with the latest design trends. Through its innovative spirit and professionalism, it strives to offer its customers high-quality products above European standards, competitive prices, and fast delivery.



Oba Perdesan

With Our High Production Capacity and Experience Quality has a story which is built with progression, planning, practice, experience and with a team. How about to have a look to our wide range of product groups produced according to ISO 9002 quality management system that will satisfy your needs in all categories.

Oba Perdesan offers products and services for the interior window covering industry since 1972. With its dedicated 250 employees and with 2 plants in Kocaeli/Gebze and Zonguldak/Eregli, Oba Perdesan provides approximately 1.5 million finished blinds and 3 million meter of roller blind fabrics to the market.

Under the management of Hakan Altuğ ve Gürkan Altuğ, with its high technology infrastructure, and having the knowledge and experience of 50 years, Oba Perdesan produces both ready-made and made-to measure vertical blinds, aluminum venetians, roller blinds, zebra blinds, screen blinds, wooden venetians, faux wood venetians, roman blinds, Japanese blinds for Home furniture market and DIY stores in its finished blind assembling plant in Gebze.

OBA Perdesan also offers solutions in automatization and motorized blinds with its own branded motors, D’elite, which are adaptive to smart home systems for the contract business.

At Oba Perdesan’s Gebze factory, technical textile coating production continues the production of transparent, translucent, dim-out and blackout fabrics up to 320cm width with FR, antibacterial and antiviral application options since 2007.

In the plastic factory in Zonguldak/Eregli, founded in 2016, PVC vertical slats and PVC profiles of roller blinds and plastic components for interior sun decoration systems are produced with extruder machines.

In 2019, Faux Wood products have been launched with TRUWOOD brand that has been approved by the ministry with an R&D innovation project.


As Günfleks, we have been importing, exporting and manufacturing mechanism blinds systems since 1980. High quality and customer satisfaction have always been our priority, and in this way, the GÜNFLEKS brand has grown every year and reached the respectable level it deserves in today’s mechanism blinds sector.

At this point, we are in an effort to provide the best service to our customers by combining years of experience with the ever-developing technology and new trends, with the awareness that we can always do better. We offer many decorative solutions to complement your interiors, including Blackout Blinds and Folding System.

In addition, our radio-frequency MOTOFLEKS brand motorized systems, which can be applied to all mechanism blinds systems, bring the comfort you experience in your spaces to the highest level.

All the raw materials and accessories we use in our products are imported from companies that have made a name for themselves in the world and are processed in our state-of-the-art machines with our fully experienced technical staff and presented to our valued customers.

As GÜNFLEKS BLINDS SYSTEMS, which has adopted the principle of reflecting years of experience and experience on product and service quality, we continue to serve our valued customers in our factory, which was established on a closed area of ​​9000 square meters in order to carry this quality to the highest level.



Trend Blinds was founded in 1997 with the goal of manufacturing top quality window blinds and sun protetion systems while providing premium customer service to its customers. We solely focus on manufacturing and delivering such products including but not limited to roller blinds, solar shades, vertical blinds and venetian blinds. Our product team stays abreast of new products and evolving interior and exterior trends, hence the name, so we can offer the best possible solution in a quick evolving environment.


As a Curtain Weaving Factory Among the Curtain Manufacturers in Turkey; Our company experiencing a big leap in 2020. It has made a name for itself as the company that has made the fastest progress in the curtain sector. We bring new dimensions to home decoration with our export door opening to the whole world, especially to Asia and Europe. To expand the Foreign Customer Portfolio; Our company, which makes a difference in 2021 curtain models with it’s quality and innovative designs by creating a benefit – price index to expand it’s costumer base, continues it’s work in a transparent way.

Curtain Manufacturers in Turkey, Drapery Fabric Manufacturing Wholesale
Our curtain factory which is acting as a bridge between Curtain Manufacturers in Central Asia and Europe; it brings the expected and demanded products to the sector with it’s economic price policy, which it has developed by working with the R&D and Ivonation studies it has started in the field of curtain textile.

Teksko Tekstil

teksko logo-curtain

Teksko Tekstil is a Turkish company that specializes in the production of curtains and home textiles. They have been in the industry for over 30 years and are known for their high-quality products. Teksko Tekstil offers a wide range of curtain designs, including ready-made curtains and custom-made options.

They use modern technologies and innovative techniques to ensure their curtains meet the highest standards of quality and durability. Teksko Tekstil also focuses on sustainability and environmentally friendly practices in their manufacturing processes. They export their products to various countries around the world and have established a strong reputation in the industry.

Karaca Home

karaca home logo

been offering high-quality curtains with modern designs that change the atmosphere of homes and give them elegance since 1973. Karaca curtain models are designed in different materials, patterns and sizes. Polyester, satin and linen curtain models are among the fabric types produced by the brand.

In addition, curtain models in different patterns such as flat, floral and geometric are also offered for sale. You can also give your home an aesthetic appearance with Karaca Home curtain types and add a more original and warm atmosphere to your rooms.

Ahsen Tekstil

Ahsen Tekstil logo

Ahsen Tekstil, founded by Abdullah Kış and Ömer Lütfü Kış and operating in the textile sector since 1974, produces curtain fabric (background curtain fabric and tulle curtain fabric) under the brands “Telamor”, “Nenis” and “Plain” in its 2 factories in Bursa. In 1998, when exports gained importance and there were no cards, it started to export by signing large investments with those brands. It has now reached more than 1000 sales points. It has over 2000 registered designs and the brand continues to be registered not only in Turkey but also in 50 countries.

Moral Tekstil

Moral Tekstil, with more than 60 years of experience, has been producing drapery fabrics since 1990 and operates in a closed area of 15.000 m2 at Moral Tekstil Bursa address and produces 250 thousand meters per month. The annual production of the company, which exports 95% of its products to more than 70 countries, reaches 3 million meters.

Moral Textile continues to expand its position in the world markets with the production of all kinds of curtain fabrics, upholstery fabrics, decorative fabrics, contracts and technical textiles. While providing cutting services with the “Mode Home” brand, it also provides services for contract and project works with the “Moral Contract” brand and can apply all kinds of finishing processes to its fabrics. Moral Textile continues to serve the home textile sector with its factory located in Bursa.

Perdekor Tekstil

Founded in 1990, Perdekor Tekstil designs and manufactures drapery fabrics. Perdekor Tekstil, which exports 50% of its production, has a variety of product groups ranging from jacquard to cut, dobby, plain and decorative fabrics, taffeta, organza, batist, voile and optionally specially designed fabrics.

Nope Tekstil

Nope Tekstil logo

Nope Tekstil, a company with a longstanding presence in the textile industry since 1987, commenced operations under its proprietary brand in 2001. Boasting a substantial monthly production capacity of 300,000 meters, the company specializes in the manufacturing of tulle and curtains, offering a diverse product range that includes tulle curtains, roller blinds, zebra curtains, pleated curtains, and an assortment of curtain accessories. Notably, their extensive stockpile of 1 million meters enables them to provide cutting services for exports to 42 countries and 4,000 global distribution points.

Uzunlar Tekstil

uzunlar logo

Uzunlar Tekstil is a family company that produces curtain fabrics and started textile fabric production in 1955. The company, which has an annual fabric production capacity of 3 million meters; It produces by using polyester, cotton, viscose, linen, chenille and various fancy yarns.


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