Top Fashion Brands in Iran

Iran is one of the well-known countries around the world due to its long history and ancient culture. The various geographical and climatic conditions, as well as the diverse cultures of the tribes living in different parts of the country, have made the clothing characteristics of the Iranian tribes.

Consequently, some parts of Iran had their own clothing style, which was completely different from other regions. Still, in some provinces, local people wear their traditional clothes. However, this is so unusual in big and developed cities of Iran.

Since 1983 and due to the victory of the Islamic revolution, women were forced to wear hijab in Iran. Thus, their casual style, usually dresses or
t-shirts and skirts turned to chador and manteaux with a scarf. At the same time, the change in men’s clothing style was only due to changing trends.

Now, Iranian garment producers are powerfully activating to offer fashionable and high-quality clothes to the Iranian market. Since 2018, the import of more than 1400 goods to Iran, including clothing, has been banned. That was a turning point for garment manufacturers to strengthen their position in the market. Now, several fashion brands in Iran have many stores around the country offering casual and classic clothes.

fashion brands in Iran
Traditional clothing of Iran

The average price of clothes offered by top fashion brands in Iran, is about 200 to 300 thousand Tomans. For instance, a manteau, which is the main outfit of Iranian women’s wear or Men’s shirts, costs about 200 to 300 thousand Tomans. Cotton or blend of cotton and polyester is highly used in weaving fabrics used by fashion brands in Iran. In the following essay, top Iranian fashion brands are introduced.

Top fashion brands in Iran

• Bodyspinner

Body Spinner is one of the fashion brands in Iran that started its activity in 2007 and initially focused on designing and producing men’s clothing. Gradually women’s clothing was also designed and produced. Body Spinner is one of the top fashion brands in Iran, which has always tried to design its clothes in line with world fashion. Today, with more than ten years of experience in the fashion and clothing industry and 42 active branches throughout Iran, it has become one of the most well-known Iranian brands.

Body Spinner is a young and creative brand that seeks to create a unique style that, while preserving the roots of Iranian culture, is in harmony with the most innovative modern fashions of the world and provides a stylish, modern, comfortable and original look for its customers.

The Body Spinner team continually reviews world fashion and also researches the Iranian market. Consequently, it provides the best products with the highest quality and the most reasonable price, from party dresses for women, t-shirts, pants, and casual wear for men to bags, backpacks, shoes, belts, and various other accessories.

• Salian

Salian chain store started its official activity in 2002 to design, plan production, quality control, and distribute clothing with new methods. Salian’s collection includes casual and classic clothing for men, women, and children. It offers various dresses, bags, shoes, and accessories, such as belts, gloves, and ties. Salian Company was registered in the Kish Free Zone Organization in 2007 and since then, all activities of this complex have been carried out under the name of this company.

fashion brand in Iran

• Siawood

Siawood was established in 1992 in Tehran. In the early months, Siawood focused only on menswear but gradually expanded its product line to include women’s clothing. Since 1997, Siawood has been trying to expand its services by adding stores in different cities. It has always focused on basic and minimalist clothing for everyday and casual use for men and women. This fashion brand in Iran looks more on all-cotton fabrics, and most of its products are constituted of 100% cotton fabric.

fashion brand in Iran

Siawood has always tried to offer the best possible quality of clothing in Iran, and the best quality of fabric and sewing have been Siawood’s concerns. With the latest machines in the world, it is a pioneer in the production of quality men’s and women’s clothing. Siawood unique embroidery machines have made embroidery an important role in its clothing designs.

• Sarak

Sarak has started its activity in the field of women’s clothing production in Tehran. All stages of production are done from the purchase of yarn, fabric weaving, dyeing, and design under the supervision of the most prominent experts and experienced designers.

The salient features of Sarak products include the beauty and variety of designs, diversity and harmony in color, attention to detail, and creating a suitable and up-to-date style. Customers know Sarak as a top fashion brand in Iran with high quality and reasonable prices. Sarak’s vision is to become an excellent competitor to compete with foreign brands.

• LC Man

Eliasy brothers, as the founders of the LC Man brand, started their activity in the field of importing clothes from England, Italy, Germany, and Turkey in 1976, following their fatherly profession. After several years and according to the interactions created with Turkish clothing manufacturers, an opportunity was provided to partner with one of the prestigious factories in the country.

The production of LC Man brand began in Turkey. With the market development and increasing demand, they decided to establish a production unit in Parand Industrial Town in Tehran province. As a top fashion brand in Iran, LC Man offers luxurious men’s wear, including shirts, t-shirts, suits, ties, and shoes.

Iranian Fashion brand

Iranian Fashion brand


Many fantastic fashion brands were established or developed in Iran in recent years, and the brands mentioned above were just a few examples. In the following, top fashion brands in Iran are listed.

Brand Logo Products Website
Bodyspinner Women’s wear

Men’s wear

Celebon Women’s wear

Men’s wear
Garoudi Women’s wear

Men’s wear

Children’s wear
Hacoupian Men’s wear

Holiday Women’s wear

Men’s wear

LC Man Men’s wear
Narbon Women’s wear
Narian Women’s wear
Patan Jameh Women’s wear

Men’s wear
Salian Women’s wear Men’s wear

Children’s wear Accessories
Sarak Women’s wear
Siawood Women’s wear

Men’s wear
Tanedorost  Women’s wear

Men’s wear

Tulika Women’s wear
Vichy Women’s wear


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