Top 5 machine-made carpet producers in Belgium

With hundreds of companies specializing in different fields of the textile industry, Belgium is one of Europe’s most significant textile clusters.

This area has continued to increasingly produce textile products, in addition to relying on its long history in the textile industry. It has also led to new developments in smart textiles, technical textiles, and sustainable fibers.

Carpets and other types of floorings are one of the most important components of the Belgian textile industry, as well as one of the country’s most important export products.

For example, with nearly 269 million euros, the United Kingdom was the most important destination of Belgian exported carpets in 2020. In the following essay, the top five companies producing machine-made carpets in Belgium are introduced.

Mc Three

Mc Three is a leader in the integrated flooring manufacturing industry. The factories in this complex handle all manufacturing stages, including spinning, weaving, finishing, and packaging. From “flatweave” to “highest pile,” the Mc Three Group provides a wide variety of polypropylene and polyester carpets. This company’s rugs are made with the most cutting-edge and environmentally friendly technology. Mc Three items are marketed in Europe and North America to the tune of 75%.


The remaining 25% is distributed almost worldwide through the company’s local network of agents and distributors. The company can develop innumerable high-quality yarns and fabrics by investing in cutting-edge technology. Furthermore, the company’s emphasis on innovation and creativity enables it to adapt rapidly to evolving consumer trends.



Alfred and Maria Ragolle established Ragolle in 1950. In 1985, the family’s second generation, Myriam Ragolle, and her husband, Herman Verhelst, launched wool and viscose rugs production lines. Polypropylene and polyester heat set carpets were later added to the company’s collection. Moreover, a new factory was built in 1999 and expanded in 2013. Ragolle is a family-owned company, and the current CEOs are Herman Verhelst and Myriam Ragolle, and Annemie Verhelst, their daughter, is the design department’s director.

The company’s carpet weaving machines are controlled with the latest technology. The business focuses on learning about the needs of various markets. The Ragolle Group has recognized and perceived the preferences and styles of customers from all over the world thanks to its long-term reputation and export experience to various countries. Another exciting highlight of Ragolle is its commendable commitment to environmental protection, as solar panels installed across the factory roof provide nearly 40% of the required energy. The remaining 60% of energy is purchased from an entirely renewable source (wind and solar power). In addition, textile waste, paper, cartons, plastics, pallets, oil, cartridges, and batteries used by the company are recycled.


Balta Company considers its carpets as the market leader among tufted or woven carpets made of wool and synthetic fibers. This Belgian company offers a wide range of high-quality Cut Pile and Loop Pile carpets. Balta is renowned worldwide for its face-to-face woven broadloom carpets in both modern and traditional colors and patterns. Customers will profit from the company’s vast and fashionable collection as well as the choice of customized orders, such as mosque carpets. Balta has a trendy collection of flat-woven carpets that are resistant to abrasion and UV rays and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Balta carpets are still up to date with the latest trends and can satisfy the needs of customers. This group guarantees the best quality at the most favorable price for its customers thanks to an integrated manufacturing chain that runs from raw materials to the finished product, committed management, and motivated professionals.

Beaulieu International Group

The Beaulieu International Group (B.I.G.) is a world leader in the manufacture of chemical raw materials (polymers), semi-finished goods (fibers, yarns, and industrial textiles), and residential and commercial floor coverings. This group’s items include carpets, parquet, needle felt, artificial grass, and upholstery fabrics. With a major presence in 17 countries spanning Eurasia, the United States, and Oceania, the company is headquartered in Belgium and employs over 4,700 people in 29 mills, 20 sales, and distribution offices.

The organization serves 1,600 clients in 140 nations. In 2020, this family business complex had a turnover of €1.8 billion. The Beaulieu Group is Europe’s leader in wall-to-wall flooring, offering a wide range of innovative designs, colors, and finishes. The group has also developed technological solutions to meet needs such as moisture-resistant, anti-allergenic, or ultra-durable flooring.


Louis de Poortere

Louis De Poortere established a carpet manufacturing company in 1929 in Kortrijk and put his name on it. At that time, Louis could rely on the experience of fabric manufacturing unit by the family-run De Poortere Freres since 1859. However, his natural ability to innovate drives him to seek out new opportunities. As a result, he started designing rugs with oriental designs, which piqued the interest of the British industry.

Louis De Poortere’s collections diversify year after year. He experimented with new manufacturing methods and expanded his imagination. The company’s vast equipment, which masters the most sophisticated techniques, allows it to sell the world’s most diverse goods. From the beginning to the present, this company has been one of the most popular and well-known Belgian carpet manufacturers, able to please customers with its eye-catching designs and high-quality and various goods.


  1. Antoine Hutton

    I am looking for a European Market carpet manufacturer, that can produce 8 pitch. (31.20 dcm pitch) Axminster carpet.

    Must be able to offer:

    4m or 3.66m width. 80% wool /20% nylon

    Extremely high potential volume, over many different designs,

    Please send me details of how to contact such a manufacturer

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    We do have skilled workers in this segment. Please feel free to contact me for further discussion. Thank you,

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    May I know the details of carpet and price list.Nearly we have plan to open a showroom in Muscate ,Oman.i hope your kind co operation.
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