Top 5 carpet and flooring producers in South Africa

Top 5 Carpet and Flooring Producers in South Africa

South Africa has a long history of producing textile goods. Textile industry has been and continues to be an important source of employment in South Africa.

Textile production in South Africa is concentrated in the Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, the Free State, and Gauteng provinces, as well as cities such as Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg.

Flooring is a major part of the South African textile industry. In the following essay, the top 5 factories producing floorings, such as machine-made carpets, are introduced.


 Fotakis Rugs and Floors

Fotakis is one of the leading flooring producers in South Africa and is located in Johannesburg city. This company provides various collections, which satisfy customers with different tastes. One of the Fokatis’s collections is named natural, including products made of Kokus, Jute, and Sisal fibers. These collections are available as wall-to-wall and custom-made rugs of any size. 100% PVC Vinyl rugs, wildwood vinyl, flatwoven rugs, and rugs made of Polyester or Propylene in different sizes, designs, and colors are among the products of the Fotakis company.



Belgotex is the leading manufacturer of carpet and artificial grass in Africa. Broadloom carpets, vinyl floorings, and artificial grass are among the Belgotex diverse product offerings. Belgotex group is proud to represent Africa to the rest of the globe as part of the international Belgotex International Group, which has seven firms spread across four continents. Its global reach allows it to stay on top of design, décor, and lifestyle trends, enabling this brand to meet customer needs. Belgotex’s vision drives the company to focus on product innovation, quality, and long-term sustainability.



Pieter Nouwens, a renowned carpet producer, launched MONN in 2012 and followed a new era of quality carpet production. The MONN is an acronym for the names of Pieter’s sons: Marcus, Oscar, and Nicholas Nouwens. This trademark encapsulates the skills, talents, expertise, and impeccable reputation of five generations of carpet-making artistry. MONN is a prominent manufacturer of bespoke and Axminster carpets for hospitality applications and luxury Wilton carpets, and cutting-edge industrial carpet tile collections. For MONN, quality, integrity, and dependability are non-negotiable and pervade every part of the company. This company emphasizes high-quality raw materials, investing in cutting-edge textile technologies, and, most importantly, value and develop its employees.


KBAC Flooring

In 1969, the KBAC flooring began its activities as Kevin Bates in a small shop in Johannesburg. Today, KBAC exports its products to areas of Sub-Saharan Africa, following 50 years of professionalism. Professionalism, high-quality service, well-trained employees, and strong client connections, has contributed to the company’s success.

Albert Carpets, the KBAC Flooring Group’s 38-year-old Cape Town branch, has been synonymous with quality flooring in the Western Cape for decades. Carpetland, which is owned by the Albert family, began its activities as a furniture store before evolving into a carpet contractor and, finally, a wholesale flooring company. Albert Carpets has long had a good working relationship with KBAC, and the two recognized flooring businesses joined in 2010 to form KBAC Flooring. Custom carpets, carpet tiles, broadloom carpets, vinyl flooring, wood flooring, and laminated wood are among the products of the KBAC group.



Kleen-Tex offers a wide range of floorings, including hand-woven mats, custom printed mats, promotional mats for events, and durable mats for workplace. This company offers its products in various collections and designs. The considerable industry experience has established Kleen-Tex as a leading supplier to both major, nationally recognized corporate clients and smaller businesses and people looking for high-quality products.




Nouwens, founded by Dutch carpet master Cornelis Nouwens in 1962, has cultivated a deep passion for crafting enduring and iconic carpet solutions. With over 50 years of heritage in South Africa, they’ve earned recognition and respect in the world of interior decor. their skilled team’s expertise is dedicated to delivering innovative, functional, and stunning carpets for homes and spaces. While specializing in international-style carpet manufacturing, Nouwens proudly remains a local brand, infusing quality and genuine value into every piece.

Leicester Floors

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0317921100

Leicester Floors, established in 1978 in central Durban, has evolved into one of KZN’s most reputable flooring contractors thanks to enduring client relationships. Since relocating to Westmead in 1991, they’ve experienced exponential growth, catering to a diverse clientele including architects, quantity surveyors, builders, corporations, retailers, government entities, property developers, and homeowners.


Email: [email protected]
Tel: +27 21 511 7411

MasterFibre is a reputable brand known for its high-quality rubber matting products. Established in South Africa in 1992, the brand has consistently delivered innovative solutions for various applications. Their commitment to sustainability includes recycling rubber fibers to combat global warming. With a diverse product range spanning from safety mats to sport matting, MasterFibre offers a wide array of designs and colors to cater to diverse needs. Known for strong business ethics and customer-centric values, MasterFibre is a trusted leader in the industry.


Email: [email protected]
Tel: +27 (0)11 444 3370

Husky Design elevates the timeless allure of handmade carpets and rugs with their unparalleled approach to design and craftsmanship. Each Husky rug and carpet is meticulously crafted, displaying a commitment to precision, detail, and stringent quality control, satisfying the most discerning clients. Since 1985, they have been collaborating with homeowners, architects, interior designers, decorators, and specifiers to provide innovative carpet and rug design solutions. Their legendary pieces grace interiors worldwide, from residential homes and offices to palaces and hotels, appealing to people with a discerning taste for luxury and beauty.

Absolut Carpets

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 011 210 8080/1/2/3 or Cellphone: 082 362-4223

Absolut Carpets was established in 2001 and registered in 2003 as a closed corporation. they are a leading supplier and installer of carpets and laminates in Johannesburg and surrounding areas.

Top Carpets and Floor

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 087 2366 304

The company was formed in 1988 as a direct response to your needs as potential customers. From a small beginning – just 6 members in KwaZulu-Natal, their company has grown to a national team of over 130 members. they have installed over 100,000 floors every year nationwide.

2027 Market Forecast for Floor Covering in South Africa

The need for flooring is rising and has begun to gain traction due to the need generated by numerous forthcoming initiatives, including those for business use, shopping centers, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. Residential, which can be used for domestic uses, is also in market demand. Additionally, modern homeowners use a variety of flooring kinds and ideas when building their homes.

Today, people use various ideas and flooring forms to build their homes. The most popular type of flooring is non-resilient. There are four different kinds of it: terrazzo flooring, wood flooring, stone flooring, and ceramic tile flooring. Most homes have these kinds set up because they are particularly popular.

Floor coverings protect areas in factories, shopping centers, and chemical manufacturing facilities that are exposed to rust, damage, or stress. Many floor coverings have become prevalent in renewing and removing stains, including polyurethane and epoxy-based coverings. The growth of the building sector and the increasing use of floor coverings in homes and businesses are driving the market for floor coatings.

Additionally, as the number of people in the country rises, it accelerates its industrial development, increasing the need for flooring products. Additionally, market players stand to gain from increasing spending on infrastructure and increased need for paints and coverings from energy-related industries.

The flooring market is predicted to develop at a 5.31% CAGR when speaking monetary value throughout this predicted duration, per the study indicating South Africa Flooring Market Outlook, 2027. Rising spending on flooring advancements and research by significant market rivals have impacted the sector’s expansion. All over the world, including South Africa, various flooring options are becoming a growing trend.

Most businesses offer strong and non-resilient versions of these items to install at home. The need for homes with high levels of resilience is rising along with growth. They require the interior and the exterior of the house to be made.

As a consequence, there has been a spike in interest, which has aided the market’s growth. There is an abundance of demand for both resilient and non-resilient flooring. Market activity will probably increase significantly due to the continuing development of structures, shopping centers, and business entities.

Additionally, all of these factors will boost market expansion. Throughout the projected time, it is anticipated that the fluctuating price of supplies and an upsurge in ecological and health issues will restrain the market’s expansion.

Additionally, the raised demand for stronger concrete has opened up fresh possibilities for the creation of products for producers across the world. The implementation of concrete surface coverings has helped the floor covering trade expand.

In addition, with the housing market’s expansion, the industry is projected to grow. Moreover, developing nations like the Eastern Cape, Gauteng, Limpopo, and North Cape are anticipated to offer many prospective possibilities for players in the worldwide floor-covering market due to rising government funding for infrastructure spending and the building industry’s growth.

Here are a few characteristics that many customers consider before establishing this kind of flooring and tiles. Stone flooring, laminate flooring, engineered wood flooring, and hardwood flooring are a few examples of non-resilient flooring kinds.

Solid wood is used exclusively to manufacture hardwood flooring, which is created from just one piece of wood that has been milled. Common kinds of hardwood include cherry, walnut, maple, and oak. Many real estate buyers are attracted to the flexibility and quality offered by the property.

It constitutes a single of the more expensive flooring options, and it needs typical maintenance to remain lovely, like using an appropriate hardwood floor that is less polluted each month and implementing a fresh cover of polish at least once every three to five years. The price of engineered wood flooring typically falls within the range of $5 to $10 per square foot.

This type of flooring is durable and affordable, made by adhering a layer of hardwood to a base of high-quality plywood. It is a popular choice for many homeowners and can be found in most urban areas. And it does refuse water and humidity better than real wood. It can be carried out in numerous setups.

2023 South Africa’s Carpet Market Size

In 2022, the South African carpet market experienced a sharp decline, dropping by -18.9% from the last year. Usage decreased during the time duration under scrutiny. The global market for carpets reached its highest point in 2012, but from 2013 to 2022, there was no recovery in demand. Africa’s South production was estimated in terms of value and export price.

However, the total output shrank slightly. In 2014, when manufacturing weight rose by 28%, the fastest pace of expansion was observed. 2012 marked the highest point of carpet manufacturing, but from 2013 to 2022, there was no recovery.

South African exports include carpets

The export of carpets and other material floor coverings rose by 5.4% in 2022, increasing for an additional year after a period of decline. From 2012 to 2022, the export volume grew at a typical yearly rate of 1.9%; the general trends stayed largely consistent, with some slight variations noted throughout the studied period.

With a 24% boost in 2014, the growth rate was at its fastest. The exports reached their highest point in 2018; from 2019 to 2022, they were slightly lower.

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