Top 5 Bestselling, Popular Clothing Brands In Iran

By Mahlagha Sadoughi /  Kohan Textile Journal /

Until a few years ago, many Iranian clothing manufacturers were almost anonymous and did not have much influence in the domestic market.

Either they were not compatible with daily fashion or they did not have a good platform to be seen.

But in recent years, many domestic brands have been able to appear more successfully than before by using the art of creative designers, as well as proper marketing.

Improving quality and aligning with the style of today’s youth can be considered the two main key factors of this success. Of course, the important role of social networks and social media including Instagram should not be overlooked. In this article we want to introduce you top five Iranian Clothing Brands that you may not know.

  1. Tanedorost

Tanedorost has a conciliatory approach with nature and believes that our body is our nature. Tanedorost Family believes that in order to reconcile with nature, first we must start from our own body.


This Brand rightly believes that by wearing Tanedorost clothes, the right spirit can be achieved, and what is better than the clothes that have roots in the ground and can’t destroy the earth. As you can see, Tanedorost seeks to promote the use of natural fiber clothing and the production of environmentally friendly clothing. In addition to nature-friendliness, this brand also pays special attention to traditional designs in accordance with the national culture of our country.

Tanedorost products include all kinds of men’s and women’s clothing, as well as children’s clothing, but not including home and comfort clothing. Most of the clothes of this brand are made of natural fibers with traditional designs. But we assure you that they are completely unique and are the favorite of young people. Tanedorost has a good variety, especially in the category of men’s shirts and coats. The colors are all eye-catching. You should also see the elegance and details of the embroidery on the coats.

Photo: tanedorost

Prices of Tanedorost products may seem a little high. For example, the price of most coats is more than 200,000 Tomans. Men’s shirts are just as expensive. However, it should be considered that the price of natural fiber clothing is usually higher than other regular garments. Of course, if you buy at the time of auction and discounts at the end of the season, it will definitely be advantageous to you.

Currently, Tanedorost stores are located in only a few cities. These lucky cities are Tehran, Ardabil, Mashhad and Rasht. Costumers of other cities can also purchase online through Tanedorost website.


  1. Sarak

Sarak’s main philosophy is simplicity in design. The designers of this brand are always trying to design simple and minimalist garments, but at the same time, they are creative and fashionable. Sarak can be the choice of women, who see luxury in simplicity. There is a special emphasis on the use of natural fibers in the Sarak family. Sarak hopes to create a pure and pleasant feeling by producing clothes in the color of nature.


Sarak products include outerwear as well as home and comfort wear for women. Sarak’s T-shirts and blouses are very suitable and stylish. Especially; they fit well with pants and coats of this brand. You will also find tank tops and leggings in Sarak stores. In addition to summer sandals and accessories such as scarves and socks, Sarak has recently launched an online magazine called “Comode” on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the brand. This magazine is dedicated to a more complete introduction of Sarak products and acquaintance with the world of fashion and clothing design.

Photo: sarak-fashion

Sarak is one of the most affordable brands among Iranian clothing. Prices that are above 200,000 tomans are mostly related to the category of coats and pants. But for home and comfort clothing, the prices are kept below 100,000 Tomans or around the same level.

In addition to Tehran, Sarak also has several branches in the provinces of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Khuzestan, Zanjan, Golestan, Gilan, Mazandaran, Markazi and Hamedan. Of course, there is still room for many cities to accept representation.

  1. Celebon

Celebon is another Iranian brand that was established in 2010 and currently has 20 active branches all over the country. The name of this brand is taken from a village in Firoozkooh.


Celebon products include adult clothing for men and women which are popular among young adults. In Celebon, you will have a variety of options for outerwear as well as home and comfort wear both in terms of design and color. In fact, applying various colors can be considered as one of the most obvious strengths of this brand. If you are interested in sportswear, make sure to visit Celebon collections.

Celebon can also be considered to have reasonable prices in the market of Iranian clothing. You probably would not have escaped from Celebon prices. Currently, Celebon branches are located in Tehran, Mazandaran, Mashhad, Hamedan, Semnan, Golestan, Shiraz, Kerman and Isfahan.

Photo: Celebon
  1. Garoudi

Garoudi is an almost new brand that has just entered into the clothing market of our country since 2016. Garoudi is trying to give its customers a feeling of tenderness and comfort. Garoudi’s designers especially emphasize on the use of natural fiber fabrics and the selection of designs that reflect Iranian culture and art. This brand claims to pay great attention to the details and elegance in sewing and cutting.


Garoudi focuses on the production of home and comfort wear as well as underwear for both men and women. Most of the designs of this brand are simple and minimal using sweet and lovely colors.

According to the current market prices, Garoudi products can be described as having a normal and relatively reasonable price. There are also good options below 100,000 in Garoudi’s stores.

As mentioned above, Garoudi is a newly established brand and is currently represented only in Tehran, Semnan and Hamedan.

Garoudi garment
Photo: Garoudi
Photo: Garoudi
  1. Nikoo Tanpoosh

Nikoo Tanpoosh was founded in 1997 for the production of underwear, and then entered into the field of producing comfortable clothes and socks. This brand is trying to make the domestic market free of foreign counterparts and also is trying to deliver its products to the consumers, according to international standards. Among the honors of this popular brand, we can mention the receipt of various types of standard certificates, as well as the Consumer Rights certificate of appreciation from the Consumer Protection Organization.


The products of this brand include underwear, casual clothes and socks for children, teenagers and adults. We recommend Nikoo Tanpoosh especially for men’s casual clothes. The products of this brand have an acceptable variety of color.

Reasonable price while high quality is undoubtedly one of the salient features of this well-established brand. Major prices, whether in the category of casual wear or in the category of underwear and socks, are considered affordable for the majority of customers.

In addition to numerous branches in different parts of Tehran, Nikoo Tanpoosh is also represented in other cities, including Karaj, Rasht, Qom, Isfahan, Shiraz and Mahshahr.

Photo: nikoo-tanpoosh
Photo: nikoo-tanpoosh


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