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Top 3 Machine-Made Carpet Manufacturers in Egypt

Egypt is located in northeastern Africa with an area of 1001449 square kilometres and is surrounded by Libya from the west and Sudan from the south and the Red Sea from the east.

The presence of cotton in Egypt, especially in the fields along the Nile and local sheep wool has caused the prosperity of the carpet weaving industry in Egypt.

Some carpet scientists have called this country the cradle of carpets and the discovered handicrafts confirm this theory and show that the carpet weaving industry has a long history in Egypt.


Egypt is one of the oldest countries producing hand-made carpets. In addition, there are several world-renowned manufacturers of machine-made carpets in Egypt. In the following article, the top 3 manufacturers of machine-made carpets in Egypt are introduced.


• Oriental Weavers

Oriental Weavers was founded in 1979 by Mohammed Farid Khamis, an industrialist and entrepreneur, and has been traded on the Egyptian Exchange since 1997. Oriental Weavers has grown from a single loom to become the world’s largest manufacturer of machine-woven carpets, building on Egypt’s long textile history, which dates back to a linen cloth produced in Upper Egypt c.5000 BC.

Oriental Weavers Group is a global leader in the production of carpets, rugs, and related raw materials. The Cairo-based company has manufacturing facilities in three countries and sells its goods in over 130 countries around the world. Oriental Weavers products are produced in 31 factories (including the feeding industry) in Egypt, China, and the United States.

This company produces diverse products covering all price points and uses, ranging from machine-woven, tufted and needle-punched rugs, mats, upholstery, and floor covers. This brand describes itself as a concentrated and creative team that focuses on technology and design creativity, as well as being the first in the world to build 4 million-points-per-square-meter technology.

Best Display Area, Outstanding Operations, Area Rug Supplier of the Year, Furniture Vendor of the Year, Home Solutions Supplier of the Year, and Africa’s Innovative Company are just a few of the awards the company has received over the years. Oriental Weavers has also won several awards, including America’s Most Magnificent Carpet Award, Egypt’s Super Brands Awards, and the Home Decorators Collection.

• Prado Carpet

Prado Egypt was founded in Belgium and moved to Egypt in 2010. Prado Rugs is a leading Egyptian producer of cutting-edge products and exporter of machine woven rugs to more than 20 countries. Prado’s collections represent the latest trends as well as elegant classics by combining trendy styles with refined materials. Customers can find their unique creations among exquisite wool rugs and a fresh synthetic collection.

Prado claims that quality is an integral part of its business principles. Its quality policy summarizes the core elements of their commitment to excellence and contains the following:


  • Satisfy customers’ desires by meeting their needs and offering high-quality goods at affordable prices.
  •  Adherence to applicable laws and regulations, as well as internal policies and procedures
  • Commitment to the continuous and efficient development of QMS, EMS, and OHSMS standards, as well as the establishment of supporting goals and programs that are reviewed on a regular basis
  • Encouraging both staff and third parties to participate in and promote quality roles through standards, instruction, training and coaching, monitoring, and efficient communication.
  •  Take appropriate actions to prevent pollution of air, water & land and to reduce the waste and rationalize consumption of resources
  • Providing the services necessary to ensure a healthy work environment for staff and visitors, as well as ensuring that they are well-versed in all aspects of quality, the environment, and health and safety concerns – and educating all employees to conduct their work in a safe manner.


• Mac Carpet

Mac Carpet is a major carpet producer, supplying some of the world’s largest retailers in more than 119 countries. Wall-to-wall carpeting, door and kitchen rugs, rubber-backed bathroom mats, multilevel textured mats for outdoor applications, car mats, children’s rugs, mats, and scatter rugs are all part of Mac’s diverse portfolio.

For indoor and outdoor use, Mac also produces three-dimensional advertising floor panels, runners, and artificial turf. In 2017, Mac added new digital printing products to its portfolio that are common in major markets.

Mac’s experience spans more than 40 years, beginning in 1981 with a one-million-dollar investment. This company is one of Egypt’s top exporting firms since it exports a total of 83% of its products to countries overseas. This brand pictures its vision as the largest, fastest, most reliable, and most environmentally responsible provider of innovative signatures of beauty and comfort to home floors in the world.


Mac Carpet makes every effort to run a sustainable company and also urges its business partners to consider and support human rights in the same way. Mac is committed to protecting the environment by using green energies to produce energy for plants – rationalization of water use to achieve zero waste and typically in production processes – the use of recycled raw materials in the manufacturing of their goods – designing their products so that they can be recycled and reused in another industry.

Mac is certified in all aspects of the industry with 17 certificates that ensure high-quality products, maximum safety facilities, and supply chain security, and most sustainable business operations. ISO9001:2015 (Quality Management System) (QMS), ISO14001:2015 EMS (Environmental Management System), ISO45001:2018 OHS MS (Occupational Health & Safety) management system, ISO50001:2011 En MS (Energy Management System), SA8000:2014 SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY, OEKO-TEX® with Appendix6, and DETOX to ZERO Program for wastewater test are some of the MAC’s certificates.


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