Top 10 Iranian Machine Made Carpet Stores

Carpet and rug is one of the most important components of Iranian homes, a cultural symbol that has become an essential commodity for many Iranian families due to the variety of designs and colors.

Iranian carpets in various brands and models, from traditional to modern, are produced in various factories and are sold in the form of various stores.

Iranian carpets with a wide variety of weaving patterns throughout history have expressed the thoughts and lifestyle of people of each period.

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The dynamic mind of the weaver is intertwined with the art of his hand in such a way that while creating a lasting and pleasant art, also establishes a deep connection with the mind of the viewer. This elegance and beauty is manifested in the form of various designs from the Achaemenid period to the Sassanid period, as well as after Islam. Spectacular designs such as hunting ground designs, Turkmen, Baluch, Bateh Jaqeh, Toranj and Islamic designs have been established throughout the history as a part of the history of Iranian carpets. Here, we will introduce top Iranian carpet stores in the following.

1- Shahr Farsh

Shahr Farsh (Carpet City) is one of the most popular carpet stores, offering a wide variety of carpets and services to customers which increases its popularity among people. Shahr Farsh has two branches in the metropolis of Tehran.


Shahr Farsh offers handmade carpets, modern carpets, pictorial carpets, classic carpets, children’s carpets, kilims and gabbehs which have been produced from different brands such as Qeytaran, Diba, Keramatian, Tabriz handmade carpets, Kashan handmade carpets, Ayan, Bozorgmehr, Aghigh, etc.


Shahr Farsh offers a variety of facilities such as free door-to-door delivery, lottery and prize giving, a 5-year warranty for carpets and installment sales for members of some organizations and companies. If you become a member of Shahr Farsh Customer Club, you will enjoy other special prizes and services by collecting points. The delivery time of the carpet is between 10 to 20 days, depending on whether the carpet is custom or normal.

2- Mr Carpet

Mr Carpet started its activity with the slogan of buying a carpet with 5000 Tomans (25 Cents) a day! Mr Carpet is the sales representative of Farahi carpet brand and attracts many customers by providing various facilities.

One of the biggest facilities of Mr Carpet is purchasing carpets in long instalments of 36 months without advance payment, without interest, investment and at a cash price. Another facility is the possibility of replacing the photo of desired carpet of the customers inside a picture of their house to introduce the best possible choice. Other services of Mr Carpet include the possibility of returning the carpets up to 3 days after purchase, 2-year warranty of the carpets, free delivery and selling the carpet at the buyer’s house.

This store has a health apple certificate in the carpet production industry and is a manufacturer of antibacterial and anti-allergy carpets. Farahi Carpet is a manufacturer of different carpets using filament polyester fibres. This store offers various types of machine-made and hand-made carpets, hand-made and machine-made pictorial carpets, applique and handicrafts. Four branches of Mr. Farsh are in Tehran, Karaj and Mashhad that offers all kinds of exclusive brands such as Farahi, Sarmayeh, Apadana, Titanium, Anahita and WikiCarpet carpets.

3- Farahi carpet

Farahi Carpet is also one of the most popular brands producing Iranian carpets and has started its activities since 1990 and now has two production units in Kashan. Farahi Carpet company uses 100% polyester filament yarn for producing carpet which happened for the first time in Iran. Pilling doesn’t happen in Farahi carpets, because their products are anti-allergic and resistant to abrasion and washing.


“Creativity and innovation in production” is the slogan of Farahi Carpet Collection. Two Farahi carpet production units, named “Farrokh Sepehr Kashan Textile Company and Atlas Ris Kashan Company”, take advantages of the most advanced weaving technologies in the world and skilled specialists in order to produce all kinds of designs.

Farahi carpet has received the statue of the popular Iranian carpet brand in 2015 and 2017 and won several honors in this field; including the statue of the 12th Festival of Top Nanotechnology Companies, the statue of the Industry Champion in 2016, the statue of standard and good quality of Sepehr Carpet Factory from the Standard Organization, and the commendation plaque of the selected exporter in 2016. Farahi Carpet offers various products including Classic carpet, Modern carpet, Pictorial machine-made carpet and Prayer-rug in various sales centers in most provinces of the country.

farrahi-carpet (1)

4- Azimzadeh carpet

Ahad Azimzadeh is the owner of this prominent brand of handmade carpets. He considers himself as the most successful handmade carpet businessman in the world! This successful brand of Iranian handmade carpet was introduced as the best producer of Iranian handmade carpets in 2001 after receiving a golden statue from the United Kingdom. Azimzadeh invented round carpets for the first time and became the best exporter of the country in the field of carpet, for five consecutive years. Azimzadeh Carpet central branch is in Tehran and another branch is in Salmanshahr, Mazandaran, and its products have after-sales services and a one-year warranty.


5- Diba carpet

Atlas Diba Carpet Company, also known as Diba Carpet, started its activity since 1994. One of the most important goals of this company is innovation in the texture, design and color of various types of Iranian carpets. The company is the first company in Iran which uses synthetic silk yarn, uses a new formulation to prevent the carpet from slipping on the surfaces, and is the first manufacturer of embossed flower machine-made carpets in Iran. The products produced by Diba Carpet Company are categorized into classic, nostalgic, bright and rainbow categories. Diba Carpet has several sales centers in some provinces of the country.


6- Vozara Carpet

Vozara Carpet sell a variety of products, including machine-made carpets and Iranian handmade carpets, silk carpets and pictorial carpets of excellent quality. Vozara Carpet offers various designs from 700 to 1200 comb carpets in different dimensions. The only store of Vozara carpet is located in Karaj.


7- Mahd Farsh

Mahd Farsh is a successful hypermarket in Tehran that offers a significant variety of carpets. There are many types of machine-made, classic and fancy carpets and also a wide variety of fancy carpets imported from Turkey, Belgium, India, etc. in this store. Mahd Farsh offers some incentive schemes, for example if you introduce this store to your friends and acquaintances, you will get a 5% discount for yourself and your friends.


8- Sarai Abrisham

Sarai Abrisham (Silk House) is located in Tehran Bazaar with an area of about 4,000 square meters. In this complex, there are hundreds of different brands of carpets and they offer their products directly to the customer. Sarai Abrisham offers machine-made carpets, pictorial hand-made carpet, pictorial machine-made carpets, rugs, blankets and children’s carpets.


9- Qeytaran carpet

Qeytaran carpet has been active in the production of various types of machine-made carpets for more than 30 years. In 2013, Qeytaran Carpet was recognized as the first producer of 1000-comb machine-made carpets in the world, and in the following years, it extended its activities by producing 1200-comb carpets.


In 2016, Qeytaran carpet achieved the global product health standard (OEKO-TEX) and was introduced as the first manufacturer of 1500 comb carpets in the world in the following year. Qeytaran Carpet also received the statue of the best exporter of the country in 2018, exporting carpets to more than 67 countries of the world. The sales branches of this company is located in Tehran and Kashan.

10- Setareh Kavir Yazd


Setareh Kavir Yazd Carpet Production Group is also one of the top 10 carpet stores in Iran, which in addition to weaving various types of machine-made carpets, produces colored carpet fibers such as acrylic yarn and polypropylene. The company was founded in 1981 and now produces carpets in different combs and densities, and kilims in various sizes and designs. Setareh Kavir Yazd offers its various products in domestic and foreign markets. This brand introduced the first 10-color 1000 comb carpet in the world in 2013.


Setareh Kavir Yazd has a Vandville badge awarded by the Belgian Minister of Economy, a bachelor’s degree of Dralon in Germany, and a quality assurance management certificate. Setareh Kavir Yazd currently has several branches in 14 provinces of the country.



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