Texworld Paris 17-20/9/2018, Le Bourget, Paris

Texworld Paris, the trade fair for fabrics, trimmings and materials, maintains its position as a leader for fashion producers and expands the exhibition floor space by investing in a new hall.

Texworld Paris, the sourcing hub for the fabrics, components and trimmings trade and the clothing industry, is able to maintain its offer by keeping an ear to the ground about developments in a market that is in constant flux.
Almost 1000 international exhibitors have signalled their attendance at the forty-fourth edition of the show and they continue to show a keen interest in the trade fairs held by Messe Frankfurt France, thus confirming Paris’ position
as inextricably linked with the fashion industry. This asset in terms of business is what allows a considerable number of stakeholders in the fabrics sector to gain visibility on the global fashion scene and is demonstrated by the opening
of a third hall for the first time. This expansion into Hall 3 is also the result of the launch of Leatherworld Paris, which is occupying part of Hall 2. From now on, Messe Frankfurt France’s cluster of trade shows for fashion & textiles (Apparel Sourcing, Avantex, Leatherworld, Shawls&Scarves, Texworld et Texworld Denim Paris) will come under “
The Fairyland for Fashion” banner, bring over 1850 exhibitors together and will extend over 66,800 sqm gross, or a healthy increase of 10%.

Texworld Paris: a fertile ground for business
“Exhibitors who are looking to gain exposure and recognition on the western fashion market have clearly understood that Texworld Paris plays a very real role in introducing new businesses, raising firms’ profiles, encouraging recognition of expertise and skills, and, of course, as a trailblazer thanks to our worldwide network of representatives and business partners. Hence Texworld Paris continues to act as a vital gateway and reflects actual textile solutions
from the whole world that serve the fashion industry.

Texworld Paris remains Improvements in the flow of visitors around the different shows and pick-up/drop-off points for shuttle buses and taxis.
Expanding the trade fair into Hall 3 has meant we have had to rearrange the layout to provide a better reception for visitors and exhibitors with two entrances to the show.
A new arrival point on the west side of the exhibition centre will serve Halls 3 and 4 directly. The entrance area in Hall 3 takes you straight to the Woollens segment and the General Forum, while the entrance area in Hall 4
leads to the Print segment and a new forum with special themes. The usual entrance in Hall 2 will still be in use and open into Leatherworld and then to Apparel Sourcing.

A transport hub for RER shuttle buses to and from Le Bourget and taxis/private hire cars will be located on both sides of Le Bourget Parc des Expositions (exhibition centre). There will also be regular connections for Roissy airport, the Gare du Nord station, Porte Maillot and the Villepinte RER station at the level of the bus station outside Hall 2. Transport arrangements will also include a small train to take people from one stop to another and get to the other side of the exhibition centre.

an indispensable connection that unites fashion brands and fabric producers, the demand from the West and the industrial resources of the countries that supply textiles and clothing, whatever their range. The expansion into Hall 3 is evidence of this but it is also an indicator of the huge variety of our offer, as Leatherworld has been added to our portfolio of Paris trade fairs”explains Michael Scherpe, President of Messe Frankfurt France.

© Texworld Paris
This change in layout has been accompanied by a thorough reorganisation of the knitwear and cotton segments, which are now going to be housed in the new Hall 3. These segments will group in one place the segments that were
previously broken down into specialities (sophisticated, casual etc.) and which will now be found together. Where visitors are concerned, it first of all results in a practical benefit with the unique features of these spaces, which then
gives them an opportunity to unearth treasures in the new areas organised by product family.
Hence, suiting, wool and hemp/linen will be found in Hall 3. Embroidery, jacquard, prints, cotton, shirting and linen will be located/situated in Hall 4.
Sportswear & Functional are as ever a sure bet with particular expansion in the very technical segment of beachwear, which includes the Korean firm of Donjin International.
Another new feature of this September’s show: a showcase for one material – silk. It will enjoy a central space in Hall 2 that will be solely dedicated to it, regardless of whether the silk is made traditionally or a product of innovation.
Some excellent high-end producers have registered, such as the age-old/timehonoured Chinese company Hua Jia Silk with its renowned silk georgettes or the Korean firm of New Star Tex with highly luxurious ranges for ready-towear. 


A crucial international representation
As regular attendees at Texworld, national pavilions will be back again to fly the flags for Pakistan, Thailand, South Korea, which is a particularly active participant, and, new at this show, Taiwan.
As for Turkey, it will be represented by a sizeable contingent of around one hundred firms, including, in particular, a selection of finely made cotton and
knits from the major producers Migiboy Tekstil and Bordo Tekstil, who offer a range of organic cotton, to name but two companies.
India, another important contributor to Texworld Paris, will also be present in a number of different exhibition segments, with attendance by Nahar Industrial Enterprises displaying their high-grade cotton fabrics.
Not forgetting Indonesia, which will be returning with eight firms, Simtis, the expert for silky aspects representing Morocco, and Liontex from Egypt, where they are a pioneer, especially when it comes to their collections that are ideal for men’s suits. One of the major exporters from Bangladesh, Zaber & Zubair, has again chosen Elite to show the wealth of its textile solutions, verging on custom-made.

Elite, the space that brings together in one place the firms that provide comprehensive solutions and which are willing to supply a wide range of complementary services called for in the production chain (design offices,
logistics etc.). This is where to find regular exhibitors such as the Turkish firms of Reisoglu and Joyteks, New Heaven from Taiwan, Northern Linen from the Netherlands, Kohinoor, Liberty and Sapphire from Pakistan, or the Lebanese
embroiderers Kaskas. 
The inescapable professional meeting place for textile sourcing Do not forget the circuit for ‘green’ textiles at the heart of the show, the “Sustainable Sourcing Itinerary”; and as at every season’s show, the circuit bringing together the clothing manufacturers that are able to supply small
quantities, from 5 to 100 metres.

Texworld Paris also aims to provide professionals from the industry with new insights into market developments thanks to its series of lectures on the outlook for the future and reports, which this season will focus on “the silk
road” and “foreign trade in clothing and textiles and the European market”. Special events not to be missed include the trends forum for autumn/winter 19/20
Vertige, the space devoted to the winners of the Dinan International
Festival for Young Fashion Designers (men’s ready-to-wear from Cognaq, the inspired light-reflecting women’s collection by Dario Bregmann, the cheeky label Eclort, the collection from Armine Ohanyan – a firm favourite) and the related catwalk show, which is the icing on the cake after these four days providing a wealth of experiences and encounters.


Providing maximum convenience for visitors, Texworld Paris is one of the cluster of related trade shows organised by Messe Frankfurt France, held in one and the same location, on the same dates and where entry is free upon presentation of professional credentials: Apparel Sourcing Paris, Avantex Paris, Leatherworld Paris, Shawls&Scarves – the accessories show case, Texworld Paris, Texworld Denim Paris.

All details about textile trade shows organised by Messe Frankfurt throughout the world can be found at the new platform: www.texpertisenetwork.messefrankfurt.com

Messe Frankfurt in figures:
Among organisers of trade shows, conventions and events with their own exhibition grounds, Messe Frankfurt is the global leader. With over 2300 employees at some thirty different sites, Messe Frankfurt posts annual sales of almost 647 million euros. The group has resource to in-depth knowledge of the sectors it covers and draws on its international distribution network to provide effective support for its clients’ business interests. A comprehensive range of services – on-site an online – guarantees customers all over the world a consistently high standard of quality and  maximum flexibility in the planning, organisation and execution of their events. The variety of services offered ranges from renting stand space to marketing services, including stand construction, personnel services or catering. The company has its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. The City of Frankfurt holds a 60% share in it and the state of Hesse a 40% share.

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