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a brand new business portal

Textile-Market.com; a brand new business portal

In conversation with Mr. Erno Stumpf, CEO of Textile-Market ‎
By: Behnam Ghasemi, Kohanjournal.com

Please tell us more about Textile-Market.com and its feature, we would like to know your main goal for making this web site.

Erno Stumpf: As behalf of Textile-Market.com business portal, we are dealing with business and partner broadcasting in the textile sector since 20 years now. Our major experience, tha we acquired on the textile field helped us a lot in the development of Textile-Market. Recognizing the need and importance of information, we managed to develop the sorely needed solution which is able to connect the emerging market needs and opportunities, using customizable daily newsletters and other special features. The speciality of Textile-Market is that it provides its unique services on 21 languages, supporting not only global textile business relations, but internal market relations between regions as well. We believe that Textile-Market is the perfect solution especially for SME’s to find new business contacts worldwide and broaden their market opportunities in general.

We would like to know your opinion about textile media’s role in textile industry especially in global crisis that these days threaten textile industry?

Erno Stumpf: Medias are having an indispensable role in informing and also they are an excellent surface in helping to build strong business partnerships. The economical crisis makes a serious impact on the medias too: they need to cut back on general costs as the global downturn causes them less commercial income. Although, some medias cut back not only on general and transfer costs but also on their advertising and marketing budgets which can have a crucial effect on business performance: lack of proper marketing may result in customers losing interest in the services offered.


‎Please let me know Textile-Market.com which kind of services offers to customers and textile companies?

Erno Stumpf: Textile-Market.com is taking on a brand new approach to market relations, one that you have probably never heard of before and aims to reach manufacturers, retailers, traders, buyers and also private individuals from the textile, apparel, garment, and shoe industry as well as the textile and garment machinery sectors from all parts of the world. Our website works as an automated agency that brings new partners, business offers, daily EU tenders and news to your doorstep using special tools like market locator, messenger service or email alert. On the magazine side of the portal we publish summaries of all major news and articles related to the industry either to help the companies work or simply to entertain them. In our news section we sort business information into production, trade, design, machinery, human resource, logistics and innovation headings.

Textile-Market is a business solution, which was especially developed for textile companies to enhance their market relations. We are planning to build a strong sales representative / agent network for  the portal, that we are looking for partners from all around the world at the moment.

‎ I would like to know your idea about textile market in Middle East Region?

Erno Stumpf: As nowadays the textile market is completely liberalized, we can experience its advantages and disadvantages as well at the same time. The big wage differences are causing hard times in employment especially in the european and american markets. In my opinion the middle-eastern home textile products with their traditional design patterns, covered with modern variations and supported by active marketing, could see good market opportunities on the international markets.


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