Premiere Vision ::Textile firms show Seaqual brand at Premiere Vision expo
Premiere Vision

Premiere Vision ; Textile firms show Seaqual brand at Premiere Vision

Premiere Vision

Premiere Vision :: Textile companies displayed their collection with the Seaqual brand at the global fashion event, Premiere Vision Paris, which was held from February 12-14, 2019. Seaqual is a working initiative with a social ingredient ‘Upcycled Marine Plastic’. Its goal is to create a virtuous economic model to challenge marine pollution, as a collaborative platform. 

To produce Seaqual polymers, plastic waste is retrieved from the ocean depths, cleaned and sorted. It is then upcycled into polymers, to be spun into top-quality recycled polyester fibre. The polymers boast practically the same physical properties as virgin polyester. Available in a broad range of sizes and finishes (continuous filaments and discontinuous fibres), Seaqual polymers are suitable for myriad applications. 

As the French fabric manufacturers that set the benchmark in shirting fabrics, the group Verne & Clet-Mermet continues to place its trust in Seaqual, exhibiting seven new references in stand 6L2. They displayed an entire set of super-soft, eco-friendly fabrics, combining Seaqual fibres with organic cotton to achieve a canvas and a twill that mix 48 per cent organic cotton and 52 per cent Seaqual; a 120 g/square metres Oxford weave in 63 per cent organic cotton and 37 per cent Seaqual; a warp and weft fabric using 47 per cent cotton and 53 per cent Seaqual; and a jersey with a lozenge motif in 59 per cent organic cotton and 41 per cent Seaqual, according to a press release by the company. 

Premiere Vision to show collections for Spring/Summer 20

Sofileta, that specialises in the design and production of innovative fine-gauge textiles, with an emphasis on function and performance, was seen in stand 6H12-6G13. It displayed both wovens and new stretchy circular knits in various weights. They have fabrics weighing 180 to 240 g/square metres, suited to women’s swimwear; fabrics weighing 160 to 180 g/square metres, ideal for fitness tops; knits weighing 300 g square metres, perfect for leggings and athleisure. 

Premiere Vision :: The Spanish leader in circular knits, A. Sampaio & Filhos, presented a wide range of jersey, piqué, and fleece knits developed using either 100 per cent Seaqual or mixes incorporating organic cotton or elastane, in stand 5P23. This range has been called ‘Pure life’. For summer 2020, the firm displayed a new jacquard, in 72 per cent organic cotton and 28 per cent Seaqual, and two fleeces in 75 per cent organic cotton and 25 per cent Seaqual. 

Premiere Vision :: Pontetorto, an Italian manufacturer of premium fabrics for fashion and sport, introduced three innovative fabrics: a fast-drying fleece knit in 51 per cent Seaqual, 14 per cent recycled Antex yarn and 35 per cent hemp; two stretchy fleece knits, one in 88 per cent Seaqual and 12 per cent elastane and the other mixing 26 per cent Seaqual, 68 per cent recycled polyester and 6 per cent recycled elastane. The company was seen in stand 5 M 52 – 5 N53. 

Premiere Vision :: The Portuguese firm Lemar that specialises in wovens launched an entire series of plains and prints (floral and geometric motifs, stripes, etc.) in 100 per cent recycled polyester, mainly Seaqual, in stand 6H18. A huge selection of fabrics weighing 100, 125 and 175 g/sq.m for a whole host of applications in fashion through to sportswear, including beachwear and even leather goods was displayed. 

Premiere Vision :: The Spanish weaving mill Textil Santanderina has also made the Seaqual commitment as part of its vertical, eco-friendly production dynamic, mixing this polymer with recycled or organic cotton and other natural fabrics. It has furthermore implemented eco-friendly dyeing and processes to cut down on waste water and CO2 emissions. For Summer 2020, it has added five new fashion fabrics to its ‘Santanderina R/TURN’ range, for jeans, trousers, and jackets. Two of these have teamed cotton with Seaqual: the first, in 60 per cent Seaqual and 40 per cent cotton, while the second, weighing 205 g/sq.m, contains 52 per cent Seaqual and 48 per cent cotton. The manufacturer exhibited new blends incorporating not only organic cotton, but also Lyocell and Lyocell RB to achieve a soft, silky texture with a natural feel. There are three available versions: two in 35 per cent organic cotton, 19 per cent recycled cotton, 25 per cent Seaqual, 20 per cent Lyocell RB and 1 per cent elastane, weighing 340 and 365 g/sq.m; and the third made from 70 per cent Lyocell and 30 per cent Seaqual, weighing in at 195 g/sq.m. It was in stand 6D14 6E13. 


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