Textile firm in Azerbaijan to export to Russia and UAE

Baku Textile Factory, one of the renowned textile firms in Azerbaijan, will be exporting finished textile products to international markets under the trademark ‘Alpar’ and ‘Banu’.

While confirming this, Sakina Babayeva, Director, Baku Textile Factory, said that some of the samples of company’s products, when shown in the Trading Houses of Azerbaijan, got good response from its Russian and UAE partners. This has now made the factory launch supply of high-quality finished textile products to foreign markets.

She added that UAE is so impressed that it has sent an application to the factory for exports and cooperation. Baku Textiles too sent some textile products to UAE and and is now expecting response from them.

Sakina said that the factory, which started in 1939, is also currently considering other areas of export supply. Apart from the quality of its finished textile products, which has lured Russia and UAE, the factory has also been known for using the best raw materials and technologies from Germany, Italy, Holland, Turkey and Japan.

Notably, the factory manufactures special-purpose apparels, school uniforms, sportswear, medical clothing among others.

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