Teijin to exhibit at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2018

Teijin Frontier, Teijin Group’s fibres and products converting company, will showcase its products that meet increasing demands for high-performance sportswear that offers comfort, daily-use wear and a combination of function and fashion, at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2018. The four-day sports trade fair is scheduled to begin from January 25.

Teijin Frontier’s booth will promote its Think Eco initiative for environment friendly solutions, such as reducing the use of hazardous chemicals. Highlights of the exhibit will include new knitting material laminated with breathable film is thin, lightweight and compact as well as stretchable, form-stable and moisture-permeable. The company will also keep on display its fibres and fabrics including Deltapeak, Octa and Solotex.

Deltapeak is a next-generation fabric which achieves a high-level integration of physical properties, functionality and quality. Along with softness, durability and elasticity, it also offers ultraviolet protection and anti-transparency, as well as snag resistance due to its dense, flat-knit surface. A newly developed Deltapeak sweat–suit fabric, bulky, lightweight and extra-soft owing to its 4-dimensional structure, will also be exhibited.

Octa Neo is a multilayer fibre that combines Octa fibre with various chemical and natural staple fibres. It has a unique, highly modified cross-section with eight projections aligned in a radial pattern around a hollow fibre. Notable advantages include rapid wicking and drying, and useful bulkiness. Solotex polytrimethylene terephthalate fibre is a highly soft, stretchable, shape-retaining and durable material that is partially bio-derived.

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