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Swiss testing company Testex opens offices in Madagascar & Mauritius / Pic: Testex

Swiss testing company Testex opens offices in Madagascar & Mauritius

Testex, an independent Swiss testing and certification organisation with focus on textile and leather testing, has announced the official opening of its Mauritius and Madagascar representative offices.

According to the company, textile industry has been a pivotal sector in the economies of both countries and has been on the rise in recent decades.

Both locations have officially started trading recently as the official and national representatives of Oeko-Tex, as the company stated in a press release.

“Both Mauritius and Madagascar show an immense growth potential in the apparel industry and have already proven their importance in the international export and investment sectors. With the increasing demand of Oeko-Tex products, such as the Standard 100, STeP and Made In Green, it is the perfect time for Testex to branch out into the African regions. We are happy to deliver our premium services in two more countries with great economic potential and a strong textile industry,” Testex said in the release.

“Recent statistics show that clothing and textiles are the most valuable export goods from Mauritius and that they provide the majority of all manufacturing employment in large enterprises. These developments have convinced us that now is the right moment for Testex to expand to the southeastern coast of the African continent,” the company added.

“Hemraj Ramnarain, who is mainly based in Mauritius, is the sales officer in charge of both representative offices. With his strong background in chemical and renewable energy engineering, Ramnarain wants to highlight the importance of transparency throughout the supply chain regarding environmental and social factors. The goal is to make labels and products which support this process, such as STeP and Made In Green, accessible and available for customers from all regions of the world,” the company said.

“At the end of last year, Madagascar ranked first among all sub-Saharan African countries in textile exports to the EU and the United States. This potential and the amount of skilled labour on the island were two of the main reasons why Testex has decided to expand to this part of the world,” Testex added.

“We strongly believe in the potential of these two representative offices and are looking forward to a successful and sustainable future with new customers and partners,” the company concluded in the release.

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