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9th Future Fabrics Expo

Dates & Times: 29-30th January 2020, 9am – 6pm, press & industry preview 28th Jan 2pm-6pm

Address: Victoria House (Basement), Bloomsbury Square, Southampton Row entrance, London ,WC1B 4DA

Event Details:

The Sustainable Angle’s 9th Future Fabrics Expo (FFE): 29-30th January, press & industry preview 28th Jan 2pm-6pm 2020. The Expo will be held once more in the impressive 22 000 sq ft gallery space of Victoria House in Holborn, London.


The Future Fabrics Expo is the largest dedicated showcase of commercially-available re- sponsibly produced fabrics and materials. We source and curate materials with a lower environmental footprint, offering innovative sustainable solutions for the fashion industry. Our vision is to facilitate and support a re-imagined fashion industry where creativity and designing for sustainability contributes positively to our environment and communities, an industry that can be a vehicle for change, toward a future where those who create, manufacture, communicate and experience fashion are empowered to be active change makers.

The Sustainable Angle is a Swiss not-for-profit organization, and has been actively support- ing the fashion and textile industries since 2010, by providing designers and creatives with access to thousands of curated sustainable textiles and sustainable supply chain solutions. Our materials showcase is contextualized with educational information, to demystify and enable a holistic understanding of complex sustainability issues, helping to promote in- formed decision making.


The Future Fabrics Expo provides a platform to:
  • Showcase innovative sustainable textiles solutions with a low environmental foot- print.

  • Connect fashion brands with mills/suppliers who are producing sustainably and re- sponsibly.

  • Provide educational background information about sustainable development in textiles and fashion.

  • Enable informed decision-making for sourcing and design teams.

  • Extend positive networks in the fashion and textile industries.

    At the 9th Future Fabrics Expo 2020, you can:

  • Discover thousands of globally sourced textiles and materials each labelled with detailed sustainability information, environmental certifications, and contact details of suppliers

  • Attend our popular seminar programme featuring a dozen panel discussions held by thought leaders, experts and change-makers

  • Visit dedicated presentation spaces of our sponsors and core-exhibitors

  • Explore the Innovation Hub, featuring emerging materials and technologies

  • Learn more about current major trends and environmental issues with our informa-

tive educational materials displayed throughout the showcase

  • Speak directly to other organisations leading this field, in our Information Hub (to be announced soon)

The materials at the Future Fabrics Expo are selected using our key environmental criteria, originally established in consultation with the Centre for Sustainable Fashion at London College of Fashion in 2010, and have been updated in 2019.



•Materials on show will include regenerated cellulosics such as TENCEL TM Lyocell and Modal by Lenzing Group; recycled natural and synthetic fabrics,; organic cotton knits and wovens; post-consumer recycled denims; low impact wool, silks, leathers and alternatives; sustainable natural fibres ramie, hemp, linen.

•These materials represent true alternatives to conventional fabrics: procured from sustainable raw materials and produced with low impact processing technologies, developed with a material’s end-of-life taken into account.

•The innovation hub features emerging innovations in regenerated and recycling technologies, novel use of food and agricultural waste, and underexplored material sources for textiles, which have potential to re-balance our demands upon raw material sources, pointing the way to a much needed diversification of our fibre basket.


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