S African firms interested in a Mozambique textile unit

South African textile firms are eager to reactivate the factory in Mozambique’s Chimoio belonging to the former Textáfrica – Sociedade Têxtil de Vila Pery, according to Manuel Rodrigues, governor of the latter’s Manica province. The representatives from such firms expressed the interest while visiting textile facilities in Chimoio, he said.

The interest of foreign enterprises had increased over the last three years and the facility had been visited by entrepreneurs from India, China, and Japan, Rodrigues, who paid a visit to the factory that closed more than 25 years ago, said.


In February last year, Mozambique’s Prime Minister Carlos Agostinho do Rosário said he had visited the company’s premises to understand the situation and take suitable measures to revive the factory, according to a report in a portal dedicated to news items from Africa.

The closure of two textile mills, Textáfrica and Empresa Moçambicana de Malhas (EMMA), both owned by the same Portuguese group, led to a drop in cotton production in that part of Mozambique.

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