Rieter: Enhancing Middle East and African Textile Industry Development

Rieter: Enhancing Middle East and African Textile Industry Development

Rieter, a global leader in yarn manufacturing systems, is at the forefront of shaping the African textile sector. In this exclusive interview, we delve into Rieter’s perspectives on advancing the industry’s growth in Africa and the Middle East.

Rieter highlights the pivotal role of European companies investing directly in Africa and financing solutions in fostering industry development. The company emphasizes collaboration with Swiss Export Risk Insurance (SERV), ensuring the realization of comprehensive projects.

European Support and Financing Solutions

Rieter sees two scenarios. On the one hand, European companies who invest directly in Africa, including those with part of their supply chain on the continent. On the other hand, financing solutions provide invaluable support. Rieter’s close partnership with Swiss Export Risk Insurance (SERV) is a good example of such a collaboration as their steadfast support enables the complete realization of comprehensive projects.

European Governments’ Role

The European Union (EU) has introduced strategies to improve the opportunities for African fashion brands, especially with respect to recycling. One strategy involves setting standards for sustainable products to avoid misleading claims and enhance the value of genuinely sustainable African fashion brands.

Another opportunity arises from proposed EU regulations on sustainable textiles, allowing African fashion brands to unite and urge governments to invest in infrastructure for circular textile clusters.

Evaluation of Potentials

Africa is an important market for Rieter, particularly in selected regions. One highlight is the contract with the Cotton & Textile Industries Holding Company in Cairo, Egypt, which is related to the modernization of the Egyptian textile industry.

Here we are actively outfitting textile factories with cutting-edge ring and compact-spinning systems. This initiative not only aims to diminish energy usage but also to amplify production capabilities. It is a source of immense pride for us to contribute to such a significant undertaking and to cater to the needs of this growing market in a sustainable and forward- looking way.

Rieter’s Solutions

As a comprehensive system supplier, Rieter offers the perfect solution for emerging industries and nations. Through close collaboration with Swiss banks and Swiss Export Risk Insurance (SERV), Rieter can provide appealing financing options for all projects. Leveraging our worldwide presence, Rieter guarantees round-the-clock services as well as training for new spinning mill personnel.

This means that Rieter transfers the in-depth textile technology know-how it takes to create high-end yarns to local communities, which helps to build a healthy and vibrant local textile industry. Our digital spinning suite, ESSENTIAL, facilitates knowledge transfer even in regions where spinning expertise is limited.



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