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Except for cheese, chocolate, knifes and watches there are also very famous heated godets for extrusion lines engineered and produced in Switzerland as to be seen during ITMA in Barcelona.

Retech showed its whole heated godet product line in an interesting and memorable way which got a lot of attention during the 7 days of the recent fair in Barcelona including the various innovations related to it. Many visitors stopped by and had been impressed by the variety and technical possibilities of the Retech godets, the new temperature controller UCR-6 and the temperature transmitter UTR-4A presented within the new concept named “blue line” as well as the innovations on the on-line yarn tension sensors, mainly for the extrusion field.

Following main innovations had been shown as world novelty to the audience:

Retech as expert in monitoring your yarn tension to perfection
Retech has developed the proven yarn tension sensor with HALL technology into a new direction. In Barcelona a version for application in extrusion was shown. A sensor, which is provided with additional characteristics, in order to be able to withstand the even greater demands and influences of a spinning process at high speeds (4000 m/min. +) and higher yarn counts (3000 dtex +).

Retech as expert in drawing your fibres to perfection has shown a new godet generation as their second main innovation in the area of today’s core business of heated godet rolls for the drawing and heat treatment of all kinds of synthetic yarns. Based on the proven and efficient motor technology by means of permanent synchron magnet technology, which enables a very economic operation, an interesting further development has taken place, which rounds off further the Retech godet roll range.

Retech has shown with success its new temperature control concept named “blue line”
– UCR-6 temperature controller for multi-zone godet rolls (1-6 heating zones)
– UCR-6P temperature controller for 6 independent heating positions (1 zone STS godet rolls or other heating components)
– USC temperature converter (to convert the digital into an analogue signal)
– UTR-4A measured value temperature transmitter as a technical and robust further development for the hostile working environment of man-made fibre manufacturing.

The booth itself was a great attraction and generated many positive feedbacks. We had been glad to show and offer Swiss hospitality to our worldwide guests  – to just enjoy Swiss quality in either way!

ITMA Barcelona was a big success – the blue thread moves on – and Retech will continue its innovative and customised way with all its products to achieve the best solution and benefit for every individual customer. 

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