Reliance Spinning to show yarns with Radianza in Yarn Expo

Reliance Spinning to show yarns with Radianza in Yarn Expo

Thai Acrylic Fibre Co Ltd (TAF) from Aditya Birla Group and Reliance Spinning Mills Ltd, Nepal, have joined hands to develop sustainable and eco-friendly yarns with Radianza fibre. The two companies will display these products in the upcoming Yarn Expo in Intertextile Shanghai from September 25-27, 2019. Radianza is a trademark of Thai Acrylic Fibre.

Reliance Spinning Mills, Nepal is a joint venture of Golyan and Maliram Shivkumar (MS) Group, a high-tech spinning plant producing polyester/viscose blended yarn, 100 per cent acrylic yarn, polyester/acrylic blended yarn, 100 per cent polyester spun yarn, specialty yarn, slub yarns and industrial yarns.

Radianza is a specialty ready-to-use dyed fibre manufactured using gel dyeing technology, which enables the dyeing process to happen with limited use of water, energy, chemicals and highly efficient consumption of dyestuff, due to which very insignificant amount of unused dye gets discharged into the effluent. TAF has been promoting the product as a dyed fibre available in many shades and able to develop new colours as per customer’s requirements. However, the benefits of Radianza fibre to the environment got evident once TAF conducted an independent third party ‘Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)’ study of Radianza fibre starting from polymerisation to garment disposal. The results were significantly better than other fibres and when compared to conventional dyeing the usage of Radianza fibre showed 20 times less global warming potential, 7 times less blue water consumption and similar results in the 8 other parameters related to environment impact.

“We have a strong association with Thai Acrylic Fibre and we have developed a range of products with regular and specialty fibres from them. Our customers are now regularly asking for new innovations that are eco-friendly and sustainable and that’s why we have developed a new range of yarns with Radianza, which we are going to display this year in Intertextile Shanghai,” said Akshay Golyan, director of Reliance Spinning Mills.

“Reliance Spinning is one of our key customers and an active partner for most of our innovations. We are very proud to develop the new yarn collection with Radianza with them. The fashion industry and value chain are regularly asking for sustainable solution and Radianza has been accepted as a preferred substitute for yarn dyeing by many of our customers. There is also a lot of interest by brands and retailers on knowing more about Radianza and understanding how it could contribute positively in their efforts to make their supply chain and products more sustainable. We are confident that we will be able to reach more and more players in the value chain through this alliance with Reliance,” said Satyaki Ghosh, CEO Acrylic fibre and Domestic Textiles, Aditya Birla Group.

“We have developed full range of yarns for various end-uses like flat knitting, circular knitting and socks using various shades and deniers. I am sure our customers will like the collection. We are looking forward to a very successful Intertextile,” added Golyan.

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