The Panama Colon Free Trade Zone to participate in ITM

The Panama Colon Free Trade Zone to participate in ITM

The Panama Colon Free Trade Zone , the world’s second largest free trade zone, will partake for the first time in ITM 2018, the 34th international textile machinery expo, to be held from April 14 to 17, 2018, in Istanbul, Turkey. Textile machinery leaders from all over the world will be introducing their latest technological products at the expo in Turkey.

Manuel Grimaldo, director general of the Panama Free Trade Zone, expressed a special interest in the ITM 2018 exhibition, into which exhibitors and visitors from nearly 100 countries will participate.
Manuel Grimaldo requested a location from the exhibition space. After the talks, he confirmed that the Panama Colon Free Zone would participate into the ITM 2018 exhibition. Thus, Panama will become one of the first countries taking place at the ITM for the first time. Grimaldo with the team, among whom there are members of the Panama Free Zone Board of Directors, will visit the ITM 2018 exhibition.

Panama, which is the fastest growing economy in South America, has 18 registered free zones. The largest of these is the Panama Colon Free Zone, the second largest free zone in the world after Hong Kong. There are nearly 3,000 companies in the Panama Colon Free Zone and 500 of these companies are operating in the field of textiles and ready-made clothing. The annual trade volume of the Panama Colon Free Zone is US $20 billion.

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