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Oerlikon Barmag signs contracts for making polyamide POY yarn

Oerlikon Barmag recently signed contracts for two orders with a total of 120 spinning positions for manufacturing polyamide POY yarn with Chinese yarn manufacturers. All positions will be equipped with the EvoQuench radial quenching system for polyamide. With this, the yarn manufacturers will equip themselves for efficient manufacture of microfibre yarns.

The benefits of radial quenching vis-à-vis conventional cross-flow quenching when manufacturing microfibres are well-known from polyester processing: manufacturing outstanding quality in a more production- reliable manner, i.e with fewer yarn breaks, said Oerlikon Barmag in a media statement.

“Used to create fabrics, the materials feel very pleasant to the touch,” said Stephan Faulstich, head of development POY process at Oerlikon Barmag. “I can imagine this will be used above all in the manufacture of sports apparel and underwear.”

Currently, Oerlikon Barmag is the world’s only supplier of an already operating radial quenching concept for polyamide. This was absolutely decisive for both customers – well-known polyamide yarn manufacturers from the Zhejiang and Fujian provinces.

“We are anticipating a similar effect in the development of the polyamide market as we did in the case of polyester. The efficient production of high-end microfibre yarns has become possible with the introduction of radial quenching for polyester yarns; the products have quickly developed from niche into standard products,” said regional sales director Detlef Heinze. The new systems are scheduled to begin manufacturing in early 2021. The high-end yarns are destined for global export.

Oerlikon develops modern materials, systems and surface technologies and provides specialised services aimed at securing high-performance products and systems with long lifespans for customers.



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