Nylon filament yarn (NFY)

Nylon (polyamide), acrylic markets decline to close H1 2019



Nylon filament yarn (NFY) prices were down in June 2019 due to insipid demand and increased supply. The average run rate in nylon yarn market was stable at 70%, as a few suppliers cut their run rates. In China, semi-dull FDY70D/24F prices fell US cents 24 a kg from previous month while FDY40D were down US cents 26 a kg.

Nylon or polyamide chip prices in June moved down in tandem with weak CPL cost this month. In China, offers for nylon chip were assessed down amid dull downstream buying interest and weakening of the market sentiment. Downstream yarn producers had cut their production which resulted into lower chip demand. Offers for Taiwan-origin chips fell 12.3% from the previous month. In China, bright conventional spinning nylon-6 chips were down 5.8% from May while semi-dull chips fell 9.1% on the month.

Nylon intermediate, caprolactum (CPL) prices in Asia were assessed down this month despite increasing prices in the benzene markets during the month. In China, CPL prices declined amid dull market sentiment and limited demand this month. The average plant run rates were down at 76.7% in the month. Asian caprolactam spot prices were down 15.3% from the previous month. Sinopec had nominated its June contract price at US$1,810 a ton.

Nylon feedstock, benzene prices in Asian markets were bullish in June despite low energy prices and limited trading activity. In the US, spot benzene prices moved up sharply this month on the back of tight supply. In Europe, benzene prices plunged as supply will remain long for the remainder of 2019 and into 2020. Asian marker, FOB Korea rose 0.8% in June while US spot prices were up 16.9%. European spot fell 3.8% on the month.




Acrylic staple fibre (ASF) prices in June declined in China, stable in India, and jumped in Pakistan during the month. In China, ASF offers reacted to the recent fall in the raw material ACN cost and fell sharply this month. In China, offers for cotton-type staple fell US cents 3 a kg and medium-length staple was down US cents 3 a kg. Indian offers for ASF were up US cents 19 on the month. In Pakistan, 1.2D ASF prices fell US cents 11 a kg on the month.

Acrylic intermediate material, acrylonitrile (ACN) prices in Asian markets declined for four consecutive weeks this month despite firmer propylene. In Europe, acrylonitrile prices fell as buyers had lower requirements due to dynamics and seasonality. In the US, acrylonitrile prices declined amid sluggish downstream demand. European prices fell 2.4% while US export assessments were down 1.6% on the month. Asian marker, the CFR Far East Asia fell 6.3% on the month.

Acrylic feedstock, propylene prices in Asia rose in June as it was predicted that the supply is likely to tighten in the fourth quarter of 2019. In the US, spot propylene prices edged down this month as trading activity was limited. In Europe, propylene markets saw a downtrend this month as supply was well-balanced with a loosening of inventories seen in the markets. Asian marker, FOB Korea was up 2% from May, and CFR China rose 2.5% from the previous month. In Europe, CG propylene moved down 4.1% while spot polymer-grade propylene prices in the US fell 14.2%.

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