Nouryon carbon technology helps Indonesian fibre producer

Nouryon carbon technology helps Indonesian fibre producer

Nouryon has licensed its state-of-the-art carbon disulfide (CS2) manufacturing technology to a viscose fibres manufacturer in Indonesia, enabling the company to raise output of its plant on the island of Sumatra. Nouryon, a specialty chemicals leader, is among the best performing companies in the world, in terms of safety, sustainability, and reliability. 

As part of the arrangement, any surplus CS2 volumes produced by the plant can be marketed by Nouryon, helping the company better serve its customers in the Asia-Pacific region. CS2 plays an essential role in many industrial processes. Besides being used in fibre production for products ranging from textiles to tea bags, it is also used in agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and mining. Nouryon’s CS2 technology allows high production capacity in a single, cost-effective continuous process. Nouryon has its own CS2 production in Argentina, Germany, and the US, and this deal marks the company’s third license agreement, according to a press release by the company. 

“Since the technology was implemented, the manufacturer’s plant has been confirmed to produce even better than forecasted results. We are very pleased to see that our technology and expertise can help our partners achieve growth,” Ignacio Garin, general manager sulfur derivatives at Nouryon said. 

“Collaborations like these allow us to build a global CS2 supply network and simplify our logistics, as well as improve our customer service and better meet growing demand for CS2 across Asia-Pacific. Nouryon recently realised another CS2 milestone with a commercial delivery to a Chinese customer – the first time that CS2 was imported there,” Egbert Henstra, managing director ethylene and sulfur derivatives at Nouryon said.

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