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New session of Fairyland For Fashion to take place in Feb

Messe Frankfurt France will organise 6 tradefairs – Apparel Sourcing Paris, Avantex Paris, Leatherworld Paris, Shawls&Scarves Paris, Texworld Paris and Texworld Denim Paris – under banner of Fairyland For Fashion at Le Bourget Exhibition Centre from February 10-13. The fairs will showcase fabrics & materials, garment production, textile innovation, clothing.

Constituting a key event on the fashion calendar, the six shows that go to make up The Fairyland for Fashion, will showcase in one central place the essentials for global sourcing for fashion labels, from ready-to-wear to luxury items. They will provide unique insights about what the future holds for the textile and clothing sectors.

“By monitoring the market so closely over the years, Messe Frankfurt France is in a position to develop a highly effective ecosystem that is dedicated to the fashion industries, where prime contractors can meet up and where the expertise of manufacturers and artisan skills from all over the world is there to discover. It has always been my goal to provide our visitors with much more than textile exhibitions. In other words, to do our utmost to promote business of course and to track down products seldom to be found elsewhere, but also to provide a space for inspiration and expression thanks to our ongoing work on trends and special events. These are what lend our events an extra creative dimension and increase the volume of business for our ever-growing number of visitors,” said Michael Scherpe, president of Messe Frankfurt France.

The Fairyland for Fashion represents a unique location where visitors can make contact with the main international suppliers for fabrics (cotton, denim, silk, linen and hemp, wool, leather and related materials, synthetic fibres, suiting, embroidery and lace, jacquard, plain or printed fabrics, etc.), finished clothing products, trimmings, services and accessories. It will be an ideal place to meet up and work on future projects involving the selection of materials, issues relating to clothing production or innovations for the buyers from ready-to-wear labels, high fashion design houses or accessory brands.

Apparel Sourcing Paris will open its doors for the eighteenth edition this February. As the prime trade fair in Europe for sourcing of clothing, this time around Apparel Sourcing Paris will be host to about 400 exhibitors, who will come from some fifteen countries, signalling a slight increase.

Large numbers of Indian businesses will be exhibiting, with attendance by some twenty exhibitors supported by the main trade organisations for promoting Indian textile products. Egypt will also be there, as well as Ethiopia, which is a loyal exhibitor. Vietnam has chosen the show to demonstrate its myriad skills when it comes to clothing production. And lastly, Mongolia’s national pavilion will expand the offer for designs in wool.

The new segmentation of exhibition space introduced successfully in September will be repeated for this winter’s show. This decision to clearly designate the ranges for fashion clothing into eight areas of expertise (All about her, Fashion Accessories, Intimate, Kids, Knitted, Service, Sport & Leisure and Tailored) has simplified the task for visitors by making the exhibition even more visitor-friendly, when it comes to searching for products and services for fashion labels.

Avantex Paris is the most important international tradefair dedicated to innovative technologies and sustainable development for the benefit of the fashion industries. The February show will assemble twenty of the most innovative projects for fabrics, materials and components, which provide a unique and practical view of what tomorrow’s fashion holds in store. Avantex Paris is pursuing its goal of deciphering the trends, shining a particular spotlight on the retail sector and focussing on the technologies and concepts that will be behind the shops of the future.

Along the same lines as the ‘phygital’ experience, in a physical shop with the benefits of digital, there will be Thunderstone, the start-up from Lyon. There will also be extensive possibilities offered by Smartpixel when it comes to merchandising display and personalisation.

Special events and a series of lectures on this subject at the Avantex agora will allow this potential to explored in greater depth.

Leatherworld Paris, the tradefair for flexible materials, natural animal-based materials, artificial or synthetic materials, will assemble some thirty exhibitors in February, who specialise in this segment and who come from ten different countries. The offer at the show will more specifically be targeted at sectors such as leather goods, footwear, gloves, and articles made of skin or fur. Buyers will find a wide selection of fashion items and accessories in this sector consisting of related materials, alternatives and conventional animal-based raw materials. Leatherworld Paris will expand on this by hosting some new players, in particular those coming from China, India and Turkey.

Shawls&Scarves Paris is the only show showcasing key products from ranges offered by international manufacturers of scarves, wraps, shawls, headscarves, stoles, capes and ponchos. Some fifty exhibitors, specialist producers of accessories and textile items for the upper body, will once again present an unrivalled offer in Paris, with an extremely broad variety of forms and materials (cashmere, wool, silk, cotton, linen, bamboo etc).

Indian silk experts, supported by the Indian Silk Export Promotion Council (ISEPC), will represent one of the highlights at the exhibition. Also, to be noted this year will be the conspicuous development towards interdisciplinarity, with some adjustment of the balance between actual products for ‘heads and shoulders’ and accessories like kaftans or sarongs and possibly some new uses for these textiles.

Texworld Paris remains among the leaders for the sourcing of fabrics, components, materials and trimmings for the fashion and clothing sector. It is the must-attend event for international clothing manufacturers.

The Fairyland For Fashion flagship event gathers almost 750 exhibitors twice a year who are selected from over 25 countries. On the occasion of its forty-sixth show, Texworld Paris has further increased its emphasis on issues of sustainability, offering special circuits in response to prevailing market trends. This year, a Turkish pavilion will also present the full extent of this country’s offer for fabrics, occupying a floor space of about 500 sqm. This is a first, made possible by the involvement of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, and will again further underline the potential that the Turkish industry offers by way of products, 70 per cent of which are from new professionals with cutting-edge skills. Taiwanese, Korean and Indian manufacturers will be holding their own too with some real gems – in particular from Korea, India and of course China – made of materials like cotton, linen, wool or silk.

Texworld Denim Paris is recognised by international buyers for its very broad ranges of textiles and clothing manufacturers specifically for denim, concentrated in one location. This sixth session of the show will host 80 exhibitors in a clearly signed area which will simplify the task for visitors. The burgeoning interest in this trade fair has been demonstrated once again, with an increase in the number of exhibitors and renewed participation by certain key countries such as Turkey and Bangladesh. The show will showcase a range of materials that is gradually shifting away from blue.


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