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Nepal’s jute exports to India Rs 1.66 bn in Jul-Nov

Nepal exported jute and jute-made products worth more than Rs 1.66 billion to India in the first four months of this fiscal, despite anti-dumping duty imposed by India. The rise in this export is also expected to narrow the increasing trade deficit with India. Six operating jute factories out of 11 are producing thread, twine, hessian and sacking clothes.

Nepal’s financial year starts on 16 July.

According to Morang Merchant Association and Morang Industry Association that issue the certificate of origin to Nepali jute, Nepali factories have been importing raw jute from India and Bangladesh and exporting 95 per cent of the finished goods.

Arihant Multi Fibres, which has the largest and modern jute mills in Nepal, exported jute products worth Rs 790.11 million, according to a report in a top Kathmandu-based daily.

Raghupati Jute, Swastik Jute Mills, Baba Jute Mills, Nepal Jute Industry and Chandra Shiva Jute Mills exported jute products worth Rs 470 million, Rs 220 million, Rs 110 million, Rs 40 million and Rs 10 million respectively.

Jute Industry Association chairman Raj Kumar Golchha said the anti-dumping duty imposed by India and the Nepali Government’s less than favourable policy have been creating problems for Nepal’s jute industry.

India imposes anti-dumping duty ranging from $6.30 to $351.72 per tonne on the import of jute and jute products from Nepal. India has also been imposing countervailing duties on Nepali jute products.

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