loptex nonwoven machinery

Loptex: Nonwoven Art-work

Loptex proudly introduces in the market the total solution for the contamination reduction and control in Nonwoven lines. The application refers to carded fibers for the production of finished webs for hygiene and medical purposes.

The new Sorter Easy Link EXA NW is installed in an opening point and before the carding process. It offers high accuracy and precision in detecting the smallest visible contamination. Furthermore, it offers a total control on raw material in the preparation process. It significantly contributes to the reduction of contaminants in the downstream processes.

Its modular concept leads to customized solutions for all types of blow room lines.
The new EXA Web NW system inspects the finished webs before winders. It controls the remaining of contamination and all material imperfections through arrays of embedded color cameras systems and LED illumination sources.

EXA Web NW combined with Easy link EXA NW reduces the content of contamination of raw materials whilst optimizing control on the finished web. It also identifies the origin and cause of contamination at all stages of the production process.

The EXA WEB combined with Easy Link EXA NW leads to significant quality improvement of finished webs, resulting in better production yield.

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