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Middle East and Africa markets have a good potential for the textile manufacturing

Interview with Mr. Silvano Auciello, Head of Sales & Marketing Loepfe Brothers Ltd.

Could you please let us know more about your company and products, goals and success story?

2019 is a very important year for us. Loepfe hast launched its brand-new yarn clearer YarnMaster PRISMA during ITMA Barcelona. We put the focus on our clients and their production. We aim to enable them to optimize performance through the most precise measuring. The YarnMaster PRISMA combines new and established sensor technologies in one device. Four sensor technologies interact intelligently and ensure unprecedented fault visibility and data quality. The unconventional new concept addresses all yarn quality problems related to material and the spinning process with a universal and multi- dimensional approach.


What do you think about Middle East and Africa textile market and it’s potentials?
In view of a broader diversification, these markets have a good potential for the textile manufacturing. By expanding the infrastructure to be connect to the consumer-markets these markets could further explore their potential.


Do you have export? Which countries in Middle East and Africa are your main destination?
We deliver our high tech quality monitoring sensors to well renowned textile manufacturers in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria, etc.


How do you evaluate textile machinery industry in Switzerland? What kind of government aids can boost this sector?
The textile machinery industry of Switzerland holds still a good portion of the machinery export business. Well-educated engineering and innovation power is a requirement of this industry. Investing in high quality education is a key factor of a sustainable innovation cycle of this industry.


Normally how many exhibitions you participate. Annually and which ones?
We focus on textile machinery exhibitions like ITMA’s. We do participate to local fairs in order to keep our contacts with our partners and customers alive.


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