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Largest kilim of Iran woven in Ardebil

A leading weaver of kilim in Iran has said that the largest kilim of the country has been woven in Namin County, Ardebil Province, northwestern Iran.

The 24-square-meter rug was woven by 10 kilim weavers over the course of one month, Zarrin-Taj Kamelpour said on Sunday.

Kamelpour, a prominent front runner in developing work at home in Ardebil Province, pointed to the special features of the kilim, noting that the item is the largest kilim ever woven in Iran, adding that best-quality wool string has been used in it.

The pattern of the kilim is a double-sided one from Namin County, the leading weaver of national plan for developing kilim weaving industry said.

The value of the special kilim has been estimated at 200 million rials (832.362 dollars), she added.

More than four thousand craftspeople are active in kilim weaving industry in Ardebil Province, where 90,000 to 120,000 cubic meters of kilim are woven per annum. The eye-catching kilim of the province is being honored with the international quality sign from the UNESCO.

Anbaran city in Namin County is considered the cradle of kilim weaving industry in the province. The city has the third rank of kilim weaving sector in Iran.

Some 30 percent of kilims woven in Anbaran is exported to global markets and the 70 percent remaining is sold in the Iranian markets. Thanks to efforts made by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of Iran, Anbaran has been registered as the city of kilim due to its unique designs and shapes.

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