Kordsa opens additional line for yarn in Izmit, Turkey

Kordsa, operating in tire, construction reinforcement, and composite technologies in a wide geography from America to Asia Pacific, has opened an additional line in Izmit, Turkey to increase polyester yarn capacity by 7 thousand tons on December 19, 2017. Kordsa also opened a “polypropylene monofilament” line in the field of construction reinforcement.

Following the completion of the building construction and upon the arrival of new equipment, Kordsa aims to have an additional polyester yarn capacity of seven thousand tons with an additional 3,500 square metres area in the current facility by 2018.

Kordsa CEO Ali Çaliskan said, “The role of our Izmit factory in Kordsa’s long-term expertise in reinforcement technologies and its market leadership is enormous. In 2016, we announced our US$ 30 million investment of additional capacity in our facilities in Turkey and Indonesia. With the new line in our Izmit plant, we will be able to meet the growing demand faster and more efficiently. I am glad to share with you that our new polyester yarn line in Indonesia is operational now. We increased the polyester yarn capacity in this facility by 7 thousand tons. This investment will strengthen our position in the Asia-Pacific market that we have been operating since 2007. With our intensive R&D efforts and open innovation mindset, we will continue to invest in developing innovative, value-added products that globally shape the industry.”

Kadir Toplu, Kordsa’s COO for Europe, Middle East, and Africa region said, “As Kordsa, we distinguish in the construction reinforcement market with easy-to-use products that provides durability and high performance. Now, we expand our product range with the investment of ‘polypropylene monofilament’, which is a new type of our synthetic fibre reinforcement product, Kratos. Following its launch in 2018, this product will offer both sustainable high performance for our customers with its durable characteristic as well as cost advantage compared to its benchmarks in the market. We will provide this efficient and durable fibre reinforcement material both in Turkey and the European market.

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