KERAJET: The Advantages and Features of the Digital Textile Printing

Interview with José Vicente Tomás, CEO of KERAjet.

At KERAjet this year we are committed to quality, presenting our machines with new heads that reach up to 1200 dpi, and productivity, being the most productive machines on the market, all of which can be seen on our stand at the fair, as we will have the machines there for demonstration.

KTJ: What is Kerajet range of products and machinery in the textile finishing industry in ITMA? Please share with us the most important properties of Kerajet machinery in ITMA 2023

JT: As mentioned above, we are introducing new machines, KERAtex MEGA by KERAjet, KERAtex GIGA by KERAjet and KERAtex TERA by KERAjet. All of them stand out for their high productivity, as they are the most productive on the market, and for the wide range of printheads available for these machines, especially the Ricoh printheads with a resolution of up to 600 dpi and the EPSON printheads with up to 1200 dpi, all of them with the latest generation ink recirculation system, which allows the use of all inks currently available on the market.

KTJ: Sustainability and recycling is an essential subjects for textile manufacturers all around the world, what is Kerajet Textile’s sustainability policy?

JT: Kerajet has always been committed to ecology and sustainability, starting with its own installations with solar panels for self-supply and continuing with its machines, seeking to make them as sustainable as possible.

That is why, at the beginning Kerajet opted for pigmented inks, as they are the most ecological, being unique in the installation of single-pass machines with pigmented inks. In addition, Kerajet has extensive experience with pigmented inks not only in textiles, but also in other sectors, with more than 4000 machines installed worldwide with this type of ink.

At this fair we expanded the types of inks compatible with our machines, it is now possible to decorate with pigmented, reactive, dispersed and acid inks, so we can cover all types of decoration and materials on which to decorate.

Kerajet-keratex giga machines

KTJ: Reducing production cost is a priority for all textile factories, how Kerajet machineries can help manufacturers in this field?

JT: Kerajet has always tried to offer the best price-performance option on the market, currently our machines offer the lowest price per m2 in machinery investment, and we are making an effort to ensure that the m2 produced is more economical, we achieve this by manufacturing increasingly more productive machines.

KTJ: Digitalization is a great step to creating a common language to achieve more productivity and simplicity. How do you implement digitalization in textile machinery production? And why it is important?

JT: Kerajet is a company that since its founding has been committed to technology and digitalisation, as we have always believed that it is the future, but now it is not the future, it is present.

The texile world and industry in general are constantly changing and we believe that the future lies in ever smaller and more personalised production batches, and for this, the only technology that allows us to calculate linear costs is inkjet technology.

Therefore, digitalization is not an option, it is an obligation, it is the future, and if manufacturers want to remain competitive, they must adapt to the new machines and printing.


KTJ: How do you predict the textile machinery export market after ITMA 2023?

JT: We foresee and bet for very important growth at international level, at the moment we already have a notable presence in Spain, but the textile market is a very global market,
which is why we are now making an effort to increase international sales, for them we are going to increase our presence outside Spain creating a strong structure in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and China, as they are the most important markets at the moment in the textile sector.

Kerajet-keratex mega machines

KTJ: At the end, you can add any other information that you think is interesting for readers in the EMEA region.

JT: Kerajet is a company that since its foundation in 1998 has been committed to revolutionary projects, firstly in ceramics, changing traditional decoration systems for contactless digital printing, and currently we are committed to the textile sector.

Our aim is to offer the most advanced and innovative industrial solutions and the best pre and post-sales advice for a more technological, automated, productive and competitive industry.

In Kerajet we offer three types of machines, two focused more on fashion (MEGA and TERA) and one on home decoration (GIGA), all of them configurable and adaptable to any need and type of fabric, being able to decorate towels, blankets, carpets, cotton, polyester, silk…

We offer three types of heads, the K10 with up to 600 dpi and high discharge, the K15 with up to 600 dpi, and the K16 with up to 1200 dpi. We also have a state-of-the-art ink recirculation system, independent adjustment of each ink and the possibility of installing different types of inks in the same machine.

In addition, we have agile and intuitive machine management software, with the simple adjustment of position and intensity for each head, our own RIP, easy management of production and export of historical data, connection for remote access and maintenance, and dynamic adjustment of pitch and overlap between passes.

All this with its own electronics and software, as they are developed and produced in Kerajet.
And finally, one of the things that differentiate us the most, KERAjet ACS (Advanced Customer Support) is a service and control concept that goes further than conventional assistance, it is a human team and technology at the service of the customer with a central coordination centre through which all actions are monitored and managed in real-time, optimizing resources to offer the best effective and immediate assistance worldwide, thus guaranteeing, at all times, the optimum performance of all our installed machines.

For us, a priority premise is that KERAjet equipment always works optimally and efficiently, offering quick response and solutions thanks to our various subsidiaries worldwide, thus guaranteeing optimum performance of all installed machines.

Kerajet-keratex tera machines






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