Kavan Shimi Soren, Manufacturer of chemical products used in the textile industry

Kavan Shimi Soren Company has been established with the support of experienced managers and personnel for production activities in the chemical and related industries.
Following several years of continuous success in the production of customized products and commercial affairs, to expand the activities in the chemical industry, the construction of a factory on a land area of 4800 square meters located in Eshtehard industrial town was planned.

Areas of activity: “Kavan Shimi Soren” company has obtained a production license for more than thirty products from the Alborz Province Industry, Mining, and Trade Organization. These items include chemical products required in the textile industry, synthetic fibers, detergents, cosmetics, specialized emulsifiers of agricultural pesticides, building chemistry, oil, gas and petrochemicals, dyes and resins, water and sewage, silicone and non-silicone anti-foams.

Kavan Shimi Soren offers the following products for the textile industry:
– Macro, micro, nano silicone softeners
– Silicone anti-foams
– A new generation of cationic softener
– Dispersers
– Classic detergents (non-ionic, anionic, anionic non-ionic)
– Polymeric detergents

Kavan Shimi Soren Company, with a new combination of technical knowledge of production and trade, has established a function based on planning, research, and development, which will create employment and exports development. Formulation of consumables required by industries, reducing the cost of consumers by increasing the products’ quality, and speeding up the purchasing process until the order’s delivery is among the priorities of this group.

Kavan Shimi Soren, Manufacturer of chemical products used in the textile industry
Attention to basic principles and concepts is the main pillar of the company’s activities, managed by expert consultants in all technical, economic, and commercial fields. As the company’s primary asset, the clever use of creative ideas combined with a survey of craftsmen is a new tool available to senior managers to provide sustainable and purposeful development.
Kavan Shimi Soren targets to remain a distinctive production unit in the Iranian chemical industry with the maximum benefit of existing resources and modern technologies and provide satisfaction to local and international customers.

Head Office: Tehran, Behboodi St, Amir Alley, No. 18
Factory: Eshtehard Industrial Town, West Mulla Sadra Blvd., Damavand 4 St. , No 5202
Phone: 02166085079 – 09128902412
Email: [email protected]

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